• Stryder HD’s concept trailer imagines 1980s actors as Avengers and major MCU villains, offering a unique twist on familiar characters.
  • The alternate 80s Avengers universe would have had a different feel, with practical effects and a focus on human heroes rather than gods.
  • It remains to be seen if any of the listed actors will eventually join the MCU, adding more depth to the Multiverse Saga narrative.



Major Hollywood actors from the 1980s suit up as The Avengers in a new Marvel Cinematic Universe concept trailer. The MCU has built itself to be the most successful superhero franchise in modern history, with Warner Bros.’s DCEU movie timeline and Sony’s Spider-Man Universe attempting to find similar success. At this point, the MCU has made almost $30 billion dollars across all of its movies from 2008 up until now.

However, the MCU timeline could have looked very different had it happened nearly 40 years ago during a time when the superhero genre was very limited. In a perfect What If…? scenario, Stryder HD released a new Avengers concept trailer where they imagined actors from the 1980s who are major stars today as the Marvel icons.

Stryder HD’s Avengers video also consists of actors as some of the biggest villains in the MCU, including Loki and Thanos. Ironically, some of the actors listed below ended up joining the MCU between the 2010s and 2020s as different characters in Marvel Studios movies and TV shows.



Michael J. Fox

Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Burt Reynolds

Tony Stark/Iron Man

Tom Cruise

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Jeff Goldblum

Bruce Banner/The Hulk

Kevin Costner

Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Michelle Pfeiffer

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow

Timothy Dalton

Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Sylvester Stallone

Frank Castle/The Punisher

Carl Weathers

Sam Wilson/Falcon

Denzel Washington

T’Challa/Black Panther

Al Pacino

Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Jake Lockley/Moon Knight

Kevin Bacon

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Molly Ringwald

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Christopher Walken


Mark Hamill

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Michael Douglas

Scott Lang/Ant-Man

Sigourney Weaver

Hope van Dyne

Danny Glover

James Rhodes/War Machine

Clint Eastwood

Nick Fury

David Bowie


James Earl Jones



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How The Avengers Would’ve Been Different If It Was Made In The 80s

The Actors Wouldn’t Be The Only Difference

Hulk with the Avengers in Avengers Age of Ultron poster
Custom Image by Kai Young

Had The Avengers happened in the 1980s, it definitely would have been one of the most different superhero movies, and a lot of this is related to the time setting. 40 years ago, the film industry looked very different, especially with how movies were being made. The technology that exists today – particularly all the VFX work that studios have access to – would not even be remotely possible to execute in the 1980s. If anything, there would likely have been more practical effects used for an ’80s Avengers movie.

There would have also been a whole different sense of action for The Avengers, as the 1908s had a particular style back then, where it would have relied more on human heroes vs. villains rather than having gods or aliens the way the MCU has today. Looking at it from a political perspective, there would likely have also been less diversity in an Avengers movie produced during the 1980s, as many modern conversations regarding representation in film and TV had not yet taken place.

It would be interesting to see if any of the listed actors end up joining the MCU throughout The Multiverse Saga, especially as the characters that they were proposed to play in The Avengers‘ concept video. With the entire multiverse available to them, there could easily be a universe where alternate universe iterations interact with the Avengers of Earth-199999. But for now, time will tell who else will join the MCU down the line.

The Avengers 2012 Poster

The Avengers

The sixth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers is an action superhero film that sees the heroes assembled across the franchise face off with a deadly galactic threat. With the arrival of Thor’s brother, Loki, heroes such as Captain America, The Hulk, Iron Man, and Black Widow are brought together to stop him from unleashing an alien race upon earth.

Release Date
May 4, 2012


2h 23m

220 Million

Source: Stryder HD/YouTube

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