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  • The new
    My Hero Academia
    movie features a villain named Dark Might resembling All Might.
  • The film takes place after the Paranormal Liberation arc with heroes facing distrust.
  • The plot centers around heroes investigating a mysterious fortress and battling the evil doppelganger of All Might.



My Hero Academia‘s fourth season is on its way, and ahead of its summer premiere, a new trailer was revealed that showed the main villain, a villain using All Might’s appearance, and plot. The series’ movies have always been an action and animation spectacle, and it seems the producers have turned up the notch for the upcoming film with a surprising antagonist.

The official X/Twitter account of the My Hero Academia movies posted a short promotional video of the movie titled “You’re Next”.

Class 1-A and the pro heroes are taking on yet another villain, and this time, it is a look-alike of All Might called Dark Might. Although his powers and motivations are unknown, he might give Deku his biggest challenge yet, even more so than the powerful villains such as Wolfram that he had to take on.


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All Might’s Evil Version Comes To Real Life

Produced by studio Bones; based on the original manga by Kohei Horikoshi

My Hero Academia: You’re Next will take place after the Paranormal Liberation arc, in a society that distrusts heroes after the events of the war between the villains and the heroes. A mysterious giant fortress appears out of nowhere and swallows up many civilians, and the heroes investigate the cause. However, the perpetrator shocks them to their core: a man who looks and sounds exactly like the Symbol of Peace, All Might, and his accomplices. And thus ensues another epic battle that is a must-watch at the cinemas.

My Hero Academia: All Might's distorted, one arm form.

Based on the trailers, it seems that Dark Might looks up to All Might and misinterprets his message after defeating One For All at Kamino, thinking the number one hero was referring to him when he was actually talking about Midoriya. Furthermore, his power seems to involve capturing people and using their quirks or life energy to boost his powers and achieve physicality almost on par with All Might. Given that he easily grabbed Midoriya, who has multiple quirks, his battle strength must be off the charts, and will present a tough battle for the heroes.

2024 has been a great year for My Hero Academia, with the manga having 100 million copies in circulation and season 7 of the anime beginning in May. This movie will see the young hero take on a replica of his master, and while it won’t be canon, like the other films in the series, it has an interesting premise that brings much of the canon story into perspective. The My Hero Academia movies have always been a great success, with the third film earning approximately $50 million, and they are always presented with incredible visuals and animation, which makes this upcoming one all the more thrilling.

Source: Official website of the My Hero Academia movies.

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My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia, some humans have superpowers called quirks. Izuku Midoriya, nicknamed Deku, is not one of them. Deku has always idolized heroes like the number one hero, All Might, and since he was a child, he has always wanted to be a hero. However, his lack of a quirk has always held him back, but a chance encounter with All Might after discovering a classmate in danger sets Deku on the path to becoming a true hero. My Hero Academia centers around Deku and a class of heroes-in-training at UA. This school shapes young quirk users into future heroes through fake rescue missions, combat training, and other hero-tempering tasks. With young Deku inheriting the “One-For-All” quirk, he will learn what it means to be a true hero while facing off with dastardly supervillains.

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