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  • Tiffany’s complicated love story with Chucky and Nica unfolds in the series
    , now streaming on Peacock with new episodes dropping April 10.
  • Love and hate fuel the relationship between Tiffany and Chucky, with Nica bringing out a compassionate side Tiffany never got from Chucky.
  • Tiffany’s core desire is to love and be loved, shown in twisted ways through her relationships with Nica, Chucky, and her children.

Is it possible to be in love with two people at once? That’s a question that nearly pulled Jennifer Tilly’s Tiffany Valentine apart at the seams during the first two seasons of Syfy and USA Network’s Chucky. The character, who was first introduced into the Don Mancini-created franchise in Bride of Chucky (the fourth film in the series), was brought on as Charles Lee Ray’s (Brad Dourif) sidekick, soul mate, and life-beyond-death partner. As audiences would learn throughout the next few films and in the uber-successful TV show, Charles and Tiffany were a murderous force to be reckoned with and a real ride-or-die dream couple. That is until Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) entered the scene.

The relationship between Tiffany and Nica is just as complicated and tumultuous as the one between Tiffany and Chucky, as Nica’s body was possessed by Chucky on and off throughout their time together — leading Tiffany into a spat of insanity with disastrous consequences. During an interview with Tilly, Collider’s Britta DeVore got to the bottom of Tiffany’s rocky relationship with both Chucky and Nica with Tilly pulling back the complicated layers and dynamics between them.

For Tiffany And Chucky, To Love Is To Hate

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Sure, Tiffany and Chucky are horror’s top couple but there’s just as much hatred fueling their connection as there is love. When Nica entered the picture, Tiffany received something that Chucky could never give her – a soft side. According to Tilly, that part of Chucky is still there, even if it isn’t something that he taps into often – if ever.

“I always was saying to Don, even when last year’s Tiffany is trying to slaughter Chucky and saying she hates him and cuts his head off — [laughs] you know, relationships — I always said it’s a love story, and
Tiffany must love Chucky very much if she hates him so viciously.
I think what she fell in love with in Nica is that Chucky was in Nica, but then
Nica had that soft side that she never got from Chucky,
the compassion and the caring. Now Nica hates Tiffany just as much as Tiffany hates Chucky. She’s somehow annoyed that I cut off her arms and legs. Like, you gotta do what you gotta do! But you’ll see on this season, obviously, because of this big vendetta to get revenge on Tiffany.

But Tiffany, she’s in love with Nica, but Nica is another side of Chucky. I always said to Don, “She’s in love with Chucky. It’s a big love.” I think you’ll see some of that

when she is persuading Chucky not to give up, and he’s in the White House

, and he can go down as the greatest serial murderer of all time. I think they belong together. We used to say, “Oh, they’re like

Mickey and Mallory [Knox],

but they understand each other.” I think that she wants Chucky to have a little more Nica in him, to show that he cares about her. That’s all she wants.”

Her Last Name Is “Valentine” For A Reason

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Although she may show it in twisted ways, Tilly says that at Tiffany’s core, she just wants to love and be loved. Audiences saw a different side of her — a motherly love — during the show’s second season when her twin children, Glen and Glenda (Lachlan Watson), came to live with her for a stint. Of this emotional “drive”, Tilly said,

“She wants Glen and Glenda to love her, she wants Nica to love her, and she wants Chucky to love her. It’s very much a driving passion when that’s what you want. So it sounds really weird because Tiffany has probably murdered 57 people in her lifetime, but
Tiffany is all about love.
She wants to know that somebody cared about her.”

Get caught up on the love that Chucky, Tiffany, and Nica have shared over the course of three and a half seasons, as Chucky is streaming now on Peacock with new episodes for the back half of Season 3 to drop on April 10. Stay tuned for the full interview with Tilly.

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