• David Corenswet’s Superman is shown preparing to battle as he unbuttons his shirt in a piece of DC fan art that references his iconic outfit change.
  • James Gunn’s
    will likely include this sort of classic comic-book moment that makes Superman so memorable.
  • Superman’s Clark Kent persona hasn’t been explored to the fullest in previous Superman movies, and James Gunn’s
    has the chance to fix that.



David Corenswet’s Clark Kent performs an iconic Superman move in an exciting piece of DC fan art ahead of James Gunn’s Superman. As the DCU’s launch approaches with the 2024 premiere of Creature Commandos and the 2025 release of James Gunn’s Superman, expectations for DC’s new cinematic universe continue to rise. James Gunn’s updates on Superman are being dropped little by little, starting with the announcement of Superman‘s star-studded cast and the reveal of Superman’s brand-new chest symbol. Hence, the reveal of David Corenswet’s full Superman suit is also imminent.

Before the first official look at David Corenswet’s Superman is unveiled, however, artist Zippexe shows what the actor could look like during Clark Kent’s classic transformation into Superman, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his suit underneath as he prepares for battle. Superman’s tradition of switching outfits in a phone booth is long gone, but the iconic chest symbol reveal — performed only once by Henry Cavill’s Superman in the DCEU — could remain. See the artwork below:

Superman’s Clark Kent Persona Is The DCU’s Secret Weapon

Superman Movies Haven’t Taken Full Advantage Of Clark Kent’s Double Life

Several live-action movies and shows have provided their own take on Superman throughout the years. Due to budget and runtime reasons, Superman TV shows usually focus on the Clark Kent side of the hero, while the movies tend to focus on the larger-than-life Man of Steel. In 2021, The CW’s Superman & Lois finally tackled Superman’s power to its full extent, whereas the closest a movie has gotten to bringing Clark Kent’s personal life to the forefront was 2006’s Superman Returns, which lost track of Clark Kent’s story due to its love triangle subplot. James Gunn’s Superman can stand out from every previous live-action movie by finding the perfect balance between Clark Kent’s intimate storyline and Superman’s action-fueled journey.

Clark Kent’s personal life isn’t just a breather in between Superman’s battles. Clark’s upbringing in Smallville, his job at the Daily Planet, his relationship with Lois Lane, and his friendship with Jimmy Olsen are all essential parts of his character, not only because they’re staples of Superman’s 85-year history, but especially because they depict Superman as an authentically humble hero. Superman could use a minuscule fraction of his power to become a god among humans, yet he chooses to make an honest living as a regular Metropolis citizen. Therefore, Clark Kent needs his due screentime in a proper Superman movie.

David Corenswet’s Superman debut is likely to incorporate every detail that makes the Man of Steel such an emblematic superhero

Classic elements of Superman’s comic book lore, like his outfit change as he heads to battle, could seem outdated in this contemporary era of superheroes. However, they’re just as important to Superman as other, more modern elements are to other comic book characters, like Batman’s preference for lurking in the shadows or Daredevil’s tendency to barely make it out alive of every battle. Since James Gunn’s Superman aims to be the definitive Superman movie, David Corenswet’s Superman debut is likely to incorporate every detail that makes the Man of Steel such an emblematic superhero.

Source: Zippexe / Instagram

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