• Henry Cavill could potentially play Apollo in the DC Universe.
  • The Authority movie in the DCU is expected to be violent and R-rated, focusing on extreme characters.
  • The casting process for The Authority will begin once a finalized script is in place.



Henry Cavill ditches Superman for a new DC Universe hero in striking fan art. Cavill gave life to the Man of Steel in the DCEU; however, the role has since been recast for James Gunn’s DCU, with David Corenswet set to play Clark Kent in the 2025 Superman reboot. While Cavill is out as Superman, Gunn previously mentioned that the actor could come back to DC in another role, and there is the perfect Superman replacement for him.

On Reddit, user Select-Control8320 shared what Cavill could look like as The Authority‘s Apollo in the DCU.

Cavill looks great as the DC anti-hero, wearing a gold and white costume. Apollo is commonly referred to as an extreme version of Superman, with the character never holding back when he is on the field. Apollo is one of the most famous members of DC Comics’ The Authority, and the character will likely be part of the team’s announced DCU movie.


Recasting Henry Cavill As 10 Villains For James Gunn’s DC Universe

Henry Cavill may not be reprising his role of Superman in the new DC Universe, but he could still return, potentially even as an iconic DC villain.

What We Know About The Authority In The DCU

One Member Of The Team Has Been Cast

The Authority Members Team Up In DC Comics

There has not been a lot of information shared about the upcoming The Authority movie. Given how the team is known for not being afraid to get bloody in order to save the world, the movie should be a violent R-rated endeavor. The Authority‘s two most famous characters are Apollo and Midnighter. The duo, who are lovers, are extremely violent versions of Superman and Batman.

DC has already cast the first member of the DCU’s The Authority. Before the team fully debuts in its announced movie, María Gabriela de Faría will appear as The Engineer in Gunn’s Superman. The character has been described in reports as an antagonist in the movie. While The Engineer is the only member of the team who has been cast, a couple of other The Authority players are rumored to show up in 2025’s Superman.

Recently, Gunn shared an update on the status of The Authority. According to the DCU’s creative chief, the franchise’s projects will only start their casting process when there is a finalized script, which is not the case for The Authority at the moment. With no script or director attached to it, The Authority will likely take some time to arrive, though if the movie ends up casting Henry Cavill as Apollo, the wait would be rewarded in the end.

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DC Universe

The DC Universe is one of the biggest comic book franchises and often competes with Marvel. DC Comics started as National Allied Publications, founded by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson in 1935. Since then, the franchise has exploded with thousands of comic books, movies, TV shows, and video games. 2013 marked the beginning of the most recent iteration of the superheroes, with Zack Snyder introducing Henry Cavill as Superman. After several movies with mixed reviews, DC underwent a soft reboot under the helm of James Gunn and Peter Safran.

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