• Fan art of Sydney Sweeney as Black Canary makes the case for her DCU casting.
  • Black Canary was previously part of the DCEU.
  • Sweeney’s versatility and rising stardom make her a perfect fit for the role in the DC Universe.



Sydney Sweeney looks perfect as Black Canary in fan art for the new DC Universe. Black Canary was part of the DCEU, with actress Jurnee Smollett playing Dinah Lance in Birds of Prey. The character had a movie in the works; however, the franchise’s reboot seems to have led to Black Canary’s solo project getting canned. As for Sweeney, the actress was recently part of the ill-received Madame Web, playing Julia Cornwall, a version of Spider-Woman — though she only had powers briefly in visions from the future.

On Instagram, @riyadgraphisme shared their vision for what Sweeney as the DCU’s Black Canary would look like.

The actress stuns in the character’s signature comic book look, fishnets, leather jacket, and all. While Black Canary was missing from the DCEU’s Justice League, the hero’s long history with the team in the comics could lead to her being part of the DCU’s version of the JLA, and Sweeney could get the chance to shed her Madame Web image behind in a better role in the DCU’s future projects.


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Why Sydney Sweeney Would Be Perfect As The DCU’s Black Canary

The Actress Is One Of Hollywood’s Rising Stars

Sweeney is a talented actress who has the ability to bring both drama and fun to the DCU’s Black Canary. Through roles like the drama series Euphoria and the recently released horror movie Immaculate, the actress has shown her range, with Sweeney being able to deliver emotional, magnetic performances. Through her hit romantic comedy movie Anyone but You, Sweeney cemented her movie star charisma and ability to play witty characters, nice features for Black Canary.

Anyone but You also makes the case for who should pair up with Sweeney when she joins the DCU. The R-rated rom-com was a major success due to the chemistry between its two leads, Sweeney and Glen Powell. The actor has become another of Hollywood’s hottest names, with Powell being fancast for several superhero roles, such as Cyclops in Marvel’s X-Men reboot and Booster Gold in the character’s announced DCU series. However, Powell’s perfect superhero movie role would be that of Green Arrow opposite Sweeney as Black Canary.

The actors are actively reading scripts to find their next collaboration, and as the beloved DC couple, the duo could deliver a fan-favorite movie franchise for the DCU. With Sydney Sweeney‘s star status only continuing to rise, the actress would be perfect for Black Canary, who should be a member of the DCU’s Justice League, allowing the actress to get a major superhero movie role that makes audiences forget of the lackluster Madame Web.

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