• Epic Pictures Group brings award-winning action/comedy
    Kitty the Killer
    to U.S. screens, and
    Screen Rant
    has a first look.
  • The movie follows young assassin Dina in underground world of female assassins, featuring animated sequences blended with live action.
  • The cast and crew worked tirelessly to bring
    Kitty the Killer
    to life, creating jaw-dropping action sequences and unforgettable comedic moments.



Epic Pictures Group is bringing the award-winning action/comedy Kitty the Killer to audiences in the U.S., and Screen Rant has a first look. The movie was directed by Lee Thongkham, known for his other films The Lake and The Maid, and was written by Thongkham along with Sorawi Alapach and Venus Saksiri. The movie has screened at festivals around the world and even won “Best Action Cinema” at the New York Asian Film Festival.

In addition to revealing the movie’s release date, Screen Rant is happy to present a look at the trailer as well as some photos from the film. The trailer for this unique assassin movie shows off its main characters, the stylish directing by Thongkham, and the mixed-media approach the film appears to take for certain sequences. Take a look and keep scrolling for images and more about Kitty the Killer.

More About Kitty The Killer

Kitty the Killer follows a highly trained teenage assassin named Dina who joins forces with her mentor, Charlie, in an attempt to save millions of lives. Dina is one of an underground society of female assassins who all operate under the name “Kitty”. Dina’s surroundings seem reminiscent of the world of John Wick in all right ways. Thongkham elaborated on his thought process in building out in the movie’s world in a statement about Kitty the Killer. Here’s what he had to say:

Lee Thongkham: I wanted to create an underground world of young female assassins and secret agencies set in Thailand, with a twist involving cats.

Billed as an action/comedy and featuring animated moments spliced in with live action, Kitty the Killer seems to blend the badass action of Kill Bill with the unique stylized approach Edgar Wright took on Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The trailer shows Dina potentially imagining brutal moments in stylish, animated fashion—or depicts the way her brain processes very real encounters. Thongkham also spoke on the amount of work that went into realizing the fullest potential of the movie’s comedy and action:

Lee Thongkham: Our cast and crew worked tirelessly to bring the vision of
Kitty the Killer
to life. The stunt coordinators and visual effects team created some of the most jaw-dropping action sequences I have ever seen, while the writers and actors crafted unforgettable comedic moments, mixed with improvisation from our leads that had us all laughing on set.

The cast of Kitty the Killer includes Ploypailin Thangprapaporn (Mondo) as Dina, Denkhun Ngamnet (The Wedding Contract) as Charlie, Somchai Kemglad (The Invincible) as Keng, and Vithaya Pansringarm (Thirteen Lives) as Makin. The movie looks to take cues from influential martial arts movies, pulpy genre hits, and fantastical films alike, making it a sure showcase of all the above actor’s talents and allowing it to send up the genres that inspired it. With early festival reviews pointing out its relentless action and self-aware comedy, Kitty the Killer looks set to be a hard-hitting new endeavor by Thongkham and the rest of its cast and crew.

Kitty the Killer

hits select theaters on May 3 and will be available on digital platforms starting May 7.

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