• Robert Eggers’ upcoming
    remake promises to be a chilling experience, with footage showing Lily-Rose Depp beckoning an unknown force and scenes of pure terror.
  • The star-studded cast, led by Bill Skarsgård, Willem Dafoe, and Depp, sets the stage for Eggers to deliver his best horror film yet.
  • With Eggers’ return to the genre where he made his mark,
    has the potential to be a remarkable tribute to the original tale.



New footage from Robert Eggers’ highly anticipated remake of Nosferatu has been released at CinemaCon. The remake stars Bill Skarsgård as the vampire Count Orlok, Willem Dafoe as a wild vampire hunter named Albin Eberhart von Franz, and Lily-Rose Depp as Ellen Hutter, the object of Orlok’s desires. Rounding out the cast are actors Emma Corrin, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nicholas Hoult, Ralph Ineson, and Simon McBurney. The movie is currently in post-production and scheduled for a December 25 release.

At CinemaCon, Screen Rant was able to get a look at Eggers’ upcoming Nosferatu remake. The footage begins with Depp’s character beckoning some unknown force, saying, “Come to me.” Someone then grabs her neck from behind. After a brief scene in a hospital, the footage crescendos with a montage of scenes of people screaming, finally ending with a chilling look at the vampire. Read the full description of the footage below:

“Come to me. Come to me. Hear my call,” a woman (Depp) says as she’s kneeling in a dark room, and then she is attacked — someone grabs her neck from behind.

She is then shown in the hospital, and asks Willem Dafoe’s character, “Professor, is he coming?”

“He is coming to us,” he says.

We then see several scenes of people screaming, ultimately ending with Nosferatu wearing a black cape-type robe, slowly turning around. The trailer ends with a door opening and Nosferatu standing in the dark hallway.

Nosferatu Has The Potential To Be Robert Eggers’ Best Film Yet

Eggers Has The Horror Chops Needed To Pull This Off

Bill Skarsgård and Nicholas Hoult in Nosferatu

marks that return, and the details surrounding it so far are hyping the film up to be one of his best.

The chilling footage revealed at CinemaCon may be previewing Eggers’ best movie yet. Nosferatu sees the horror maestro returning to his roots after taking a break from the genre with The Northman. Eggers had his start in horror movies, debuting with 2016’s The Witch and following that up with The Lighthouse, so his return to the genre has been highly anticipated.

Robert Eggers Movie

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The Witch


The Lighthouse


The Northman


Nosferatu marks that return, and the details surrounding it so far are hyping the film up to be one of his best. Starting with the cast, Eggers has conjured up a stacked roster of talented artists. Skarsgård himself has experience playing iconic villains with his terrifying performance as Pennywise in the It movies. Dafoe has proven that he can take on horrifying roles as well with his Green Goblin in various Marvel movies and his celebrated performance in The Lighthouse.


Bill Skarsgard’s New Horror Movie Is Giving Us His Best Villain Since $1.1 Billion Stephen King Franchise

Bill Skarsgard gave a compelling performance as a villain in a $1.1 billion Stephen King franchise but his new villain role might be even better.

Secondly, Nosferatu, the remake of F. W. Murnau’s classic vampire tale, has been a passion project of Eggers long in the making. Considering the director’s accumulated valuable experience with his previous films, Nosferatu has the potential to be something truly remarkable. Additionally, with the attention to detail and mastery over horror and tension so apparent in his previous films, it’s suggested that Nosferatu will be both a worthy tribute to the original and an exhibition of Eggers’ talent for horror.

Nosferatu 2024 Poster

Nosferatu (2024)

Nosferatu is a remake of the 1922 silent film of the same name from director F. W. Murnau. Robert Eggers is crafting his own version of the story for the reboot as writer and director, with Bill Skarsgård stepping into the shoes of Count Orlok. Nosferatu tells the tale of a young woman who falls victim to a vampire utterly infatuated with her.

Release Date
December 25, 2024

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