• The Sebastian Stan-led biopic on Donald Trump,
    The Apprentice
    , will premiere at Cannes Film Festival in May 2024.
  • Stan plays Trump while Jeremy Strong portrays Roy Cohn, with a new image showing the duo in a car.
  • The movie wrapped filming in January 2024, making it a quick premiere for the upcoming film festival.



Sebastian Stan’s upcoming Donald Trump movie The Apprentice has confirmed its premiere with an image of the actor as the billionaire businessman. The upcoming movie sees the Captain America star as Trump, following his career during the ’70s and ’80s, as he is mentored by Roy Cohn (Jeremy Strong). The biopic wrapped filming in January 2024, but did not confirm a release date for the film after production ended.

Now, Cannes Film Festival has confirmed that The Apprentice will premiere at Cannes Film Festival in May 2024.

The announcement came from the Film Festival as well as Metropolitan Films, the latter of which released a new image from the movie. The image shows Stan’s Trump and Strong’s Cohn in the back of a car, Trump answering the phone while Cohn looks tense.

Everything To Expect From The Apprentice

Sebastian Stan ponders his chaotic life while leaning on a desk in A Different Man

The Apprentice is directed by Ali Abbasi, who has previously directed the films Shelley, Border, and Holy Spider. The film’s premise about Trump’s rise to power will focus on Stan and Strong’s characters, but they aren’t going to be the only ones with a major role in the movie. Maria Bakalova will be portraying Ivana, Trump’s first wife, and Martin Donovan will be playing Fred Trump, his father. While the film’s premiere at Cannes doesn’t indicate when it will be publicly released, it is now one step closer to having a wider release date announced.

Stan has proven himself a capable actor, both because of his well-known role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for being part of recent projects like the cast of Dumb Money and Pam & Tommy. The newest image of him as a younger Trump showcases how much he looks like the former President of the United States in his younger years. Given how wide a range he has as an actor for various roles, it seems he’ll be able to capture the billionaire’s character in a way that’s true to life.


Sebastian Stan’s Best Movies, Ranked

Sebastian Stan is most famous for playing Bucky Barnes in the MCU, but the talented actor has also starred in Oscar-winning movies like I, Tonya.

With the movie’s premiere at Cannes only a month away, it won’t be long until first impressions of The Apprentice reveal the strength of the upcoming biopic. The fact it’s been submitted for competition at the film festival means there’s plenty of faith in how well it will be received there. While not much information has been revealed about what to expect in the movie, it will no doubt be a historical drama capturing the former President’s younger days in a thematically appropriate way.

Sebastian Stan is also set to star in Marvel’s
, scheduled for release on May 2, 2025.

Source: Cannes Film Festival/Twitter; Metropolitan Films/Twitter

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