A new printed sequel to 1989’s Batman is en route, in a narrative that is completely separate from The Flash and the Batman ’89 comic book.


  • Tim Burton’s Batman legacy continues with a new sequel in print form, diverging from comic book and DCEU.
  • Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne is returning to the role in “Batman: Resurrection,” a direct sequel to the original 1989 movie.
  • The impact of Burton’s Batman movies is still felt today, with new developments keeping the Dark Knight alive.



Tim Burton’s pivotal Batman is about to receive another sequel that diverges from the Batman ’89 comic book and the DCEU’s The Flash, coming in print form. Tim Burton directed two of the most influential comic book movies in history in the form of 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns starring Michael Keaton in the titular role. Their impact and legacy were most recently demonstrated in The Flash, where Keaton’s Batman made an explosive return to the big screen – but it appears there is more where that came from.

Batman: Resurrection,” as reported by Gizmodo, will be a direct sequel to the original Batman movie in the form of a novel penned by John Jackson Miller.

Source: Gizmodo

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