• Skyscraper
    , an action-thriller on Netflix, made it to the US top ten along with other popular action films.
  • Despite mixed reviews,
    was able to recoup its budget with international box office success.
  • The film’s resurgence on Netflix gives audiences another chance to enjoy this fun thriller with Dwayne Johnson.



Skyscraper makes it big on the Netflix chart. Skyscraper is a 2018 action-thriller about a security expert who is tasked to enter the 225th story of a burning skyscraper upon finding out that his family has been trapped in the edifice by criminals. Skyscraper is directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and features a leading cast of Dwayne Johnson, Neve Campbell, Chin Han, Roland Møller, Noah Taylor, and Bryon Mann.

Now, Skyscraper has made its way onto the Netflix top ten chart in the United States. Skyscraper made it on the chart in the no. 5 slot for the week of April 1–April 7. Coming in above the Skyscraper last week were The Little Things, Baby Driver, Glass, and Split. Also making it onto the United States top ten, in the no. 8 slot, was The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which has been on the top 10 for 19 weeks.

How Did Skyscraper Do In Theaters?

Dwayne Johnson hangs from a ledge in Skyscraper

Looking at last week’s Netflix top 10, it seems that subscribers’ viewing habits were dominated by the action and thriller genres. With the exception of Space Jam: A New Legacy and The Super Mario Bros. Movie, every single title on the list fits into the action category, thriller category or both. On the one hand, this trend is attributable to the general popularity of these subgenres. On the other hand, however, one action-thriller might have algorithmically triggered some of the others, as viewers who were delving into the genre might have been recommended some lesser-known titles.


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If this was the case, Skyscraper likely benefited from this trend, as the film was not as independently popular as some of the other movies on this list, like Split or The Accountant. Skyscraper received mixed reviews upon its release, getting a 48% on Rotten Tomatoes. Audiences liked the film slightly more, as their approval rating sat at a positive-slanting 68%.

Though it struggled critically, Skyscraper fared decently at the box office at the time of its release. The film brought in $304.8 million worldwide, most of this coming from international markets, which comprised $236.4 million of the sales. While this total could have been higher, it did ensure that Skyscraper made back its estimated $125 million budget, with some room to spare.

Overall, Skyscraper is far from the best or most successful Johnson action movie, who has led or supported the cast of many films witin the genre. It is, however, a fun delve into the thriller genre, focusing on the drive of one main character. Skyscraper may not have been loved by critics at the time, but the film is luckily getting a renewed chance to shine as it makes the United States charts on Netflix.

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Dwayne Johnson stars in the action thriller Skyscraper as Will Sawyer, a former FBI agent who must rescue his family from a high-tech skyscraper, which has been taken over by terrorists. The 2018 movie draws inspiration from similar movies such as The Towering Inferno and Die Hard.

Rawson Marshall Thurber

Release Date
July 13, 2018

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

Rawson Marshall Thurber

Matt O’Leary , McKenna Roberts , Neve Campbell , Roland Møller , Noah Taylor , Pablo Schreiber , Byron Mann , Dwayne Johnson , Kevin Rankin


$125 million

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