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  • CBS is reportedly looking to revive
    Cold Case
    , the emotional crime procedural known for its innovative use of period music and strong performances.
  • The reboot, spearheaded by series creator Meredith Stiehm, will introduce a new squad of detectives in the Southwest, moving away from the original’s Philadelphia setting.
  • Negotiations between CBS and Warner Bros. for the revival have been complex, with issues like streaming rights slowing progress, but the reboot would add to CBS’s strong 2024-25 slate.

The nostalgic wave of TV reboots continues to crash over network television, with CBS reportedly looking to revive another hit from its past, in the shape of the crime procedural Cold Case. Deadline were first to report the news, with the outlet noting that CBS is in ongoing negotiations with Warner Bros. TV to bring back the Jerry Bruckheimer Television-produced series, which originally ran from 2003 to 2010. Fifteen years after Cold Case wrapped up its seven-season run, series creator Meredith Stiehm is spearheading the reboot. Set in a new location — the Southwest, rather than the original’s Philadelphia setting — the reboot will introduce a new squad of detectives dedicated to cracking long-unsolved homicides.

What Was ‘Cold Case’ About?


The original series was known for its emotional depth and innovative use of period music, following Detective Lilly Rush (played by Kathryn Morris), a determined Philadelphia homicide detective who specialised in cold cases. Alongside her was Detective Scotty Valens (Danny Pino), her dedicated and loyal partner through much of the series. The show was praised for its thoughtful storytelling and strong performances.

As for the reboot, no official casting announcements have been made, but Pino has reportedly had informal talks about reprising his role as Scotty Valens in a significant capacity. Morris, who led the original cast, has not yet been approached but is aware of the project and could potentially make a cameo to bridge the old and new series.

This reboot comes on the heels of CBS’s successful revival of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation with CSI: Vegas, another Jerry Bruckheimer Television production. It seems CBS is keen to replicate that success by revisiting more proven favourites from the past. However, sealing the deal appears to be a bit of a hurdle. Negotiations between CBS and Warner Bros. have been complex, with sticking points similar to those encountered during last spring’s renewal talks for WBTV’s East New York. Issues like streaming rights have reportedly slowed progress, but the reboot would be WBTV’s first drama sale to CBS since those talks, which would mark a significant development if an agreement can be reached.

The potential reboot of Cold Case would add to a pretty strong 2024-25 slate for CBS, which already includes three new drama series delayed by strikes: Matlock, NCIS: Origins, and Watson. There’s no particular rush, given the network’s packed schedule, but the revival of Cold Case will undoubtedly be one to watch out for. Stay tuned to Collider for more news.

Cold Case

Release Date
September 28, 2003

Kathryn Morris , Danny Pino , Jeremy Ratchford , Thom Barry , Tracie Thoms , John Finn


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