• Johnny Knoxville is open to the idea of
    Jackass 5
    , but doesn’t feel the urge to make it yet, still jotting down ideas for the potential movie.
  • If it gets greenlit, Knoxville has previously suggested leaning on the younger cast members introduced in
    to continue the franchise in a safe and fresh way.
  • Passing the torch to new stars while still including original cast members could keep
    alive for future generations.



Despite seemingly indicating the prior movie was the end for him in the franchise, Jackass 5 has gotten an exciting update from Johnny Knoxville. The co-creator/star returned to his stunt-driven property with 2022’s Jackass Forever, the fourth theatrical movie which was largely touted as being the final installment, particularly for Knoxville and Steve-O, after the injuries endured throughout the years. Following Forever‘s record-breaking reviews and strong box office run, however, speculation of a fifth movie began swirling.

During a recent interview with for the upcoming sports dramedy Sweet Dreams, Knoxville was asked his thoughts about the Jackass franchise’s future. Though noting that he doesn’t “have that feeling right now” to make another movie, the co-creator/star did tease that he’s still jotting down ideas for a potential Jackass 5, but didn’t give a timeline on when another installment might happen. See what Knoxville said below:

Jackass is like a feeling that you get, and you have to extinguish by doing another one. I don’t have that feeling right now, but I still write ideas for Jackass all the time just because I can’t help it. I get an idea, I’ll just write it down and email it to myself. So I still write just in case, but I don’t know if there will be enough.

Jackass 5 Should Only Happen On 1 Condition

Knoxville isn’t the only original Jackass cast member to share mixed feelings about the possibility of making another movie in the franchise. Steve-O previously expressed in mid 2023 that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if the group found a way to reunite for another project, though cautioned against it being an actual Jackass project. Knoxville also clarified shortly after Forever‘s release that the marketing of it being the final installment was not from him or his team, and that there was one future path for the franchise overall:

We never said whether it was or wasn’t [the final film]. That got written somewhere and people ran with it. If we did continue, we would lean on the younger cast more and the old guys would take a little step back but still be a part of it. I would have to step back because my neurologist said I can’t have any more concussions.

Should Jackass 5 be greenlit by Paramount, Knoxville’s note to lean on the younger cast members is really the best way for the franchise to continue. Unlike earlier movies, which featured guest appearances by everyone from Tony Hawk to Seann William Scott, Forever‘s cast expanded the core roster to include surfer Sean “Poopies” McInerney, Odd Future’s Jasper Dolphin, his father Compston “Dark Shark” Wilson, Action Point‘s Eric Manaka, stand-up comic Rachel Wolfson and Too Stupid to Die‘s Zach Holmes. The original cast were still part of many of Forever‘s stunts, but the focus definitely was more on the new stars.


Why The Jackass Franchise Is Still So Popular

With Jackass Forever now available on home video and finding more fans, there’s a clear reason why the franchise remains as popular as it does.

While Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee Man, Dave England, Chris Pontius and Preston Lacy may be fan-favorites, passing off the torch to the Forever newcomers and others for a Jackass 5 would not only be a sound way to keep its original cast members safe, but also keep the franchise alive for future generations. Bringing in viral performers could draw in younger audiences loosely familiar with the property, while also opening the door for unique new stunts. Even with a larger focus on them, though, it wouldn’t necessitate entirely removing the original stars, who could still be on the sidelines to laugh at the absurdity.

The entire Jackass franchise is available to stream on Paramount+.


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