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  • Ryan Reynolds gifts Rob McElhenney a
    -themed drawing for his birthday, available on merch for fans.
  • Welcome to Wrexham
    duo Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have revitalized Wrexham A.F.C. with their takeover.
  • Season 3 of
    Welcome to Wrexham
    will showcase challenges for both men’s and women’s teams, pushing them to new heights.

It’s Rob McElhenney‘s birthday, which means a special gift is in store for the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star from his Welcome to Wrexham partner Ryan Reynolds. Every year, the pair have engaged in an escalating prank war for their birthdays, resulting in dedications of a urinal, a blimp, a park, and a catchy tune about how to pronounce “McElhenney” correctly. For McElhenney’s special day this year, Reynolds decided to lean into the fact that April 14 is also the anniversary of the Titanic sinking and “plunged the ocean depths” for a special drawing that captures his beauty and will be plastered on T-shirts, canvas, posters, pillows, totes, and stickers for fans to purchase.

Ok, so the drawing wasn’t pulled from the wreckage of the Titanic, but it was based on the movie Titanic and its famous scene of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s Jack drawing Kate Winslet‘s Rose like one of his French girls. The spicy sketch sees McElhenney lounging back with no shirt and only the Heart of the Ocean around his neck. The original “lost treasure” will be displayed for all to see in the Ty Pawb gallery, the cultural heart of the town of Wrexham, while VistaPrint will allow fans to customize their McElhenney merch with the drawing as the centerpiece.

Reynolds and McElhenney have made the perfect dynamic duo through two seasons of Welcome to Wrexham thus far. The sports documentary tracks their efforts running the titular small town’s prized football club, Wrexham A.F.C., exploring the history, the people, and the culture of the working-class city in Wales along the way. Since their takeover of the team in 2021, the Deadpool and It’s Always Sunny stars have made strides in revitalizing the club with help from the staff and players around them, turning the Red Dragons into an underdog story that has captured the attention of many. Season 2 ended with their greatest accomplishment yet – finally earning their spot back in the English Football League.

When Will ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ Return for Season 3?

Image via Vista Print

Challenges still lie ahead for Wrexham and its beloved team when Season 3 returns. The attention will be divided between both the men’s and women’s teams, both of whom are coming off a string of successes and are preparing to take things to the next level. With the promotion comes new, fiercer competition, however, that will push the Hollywood co-owners, their staff, their players, and the club’s supporters to their limits. It’s up to Wrexham to prove they truly belong in the ESL when the new episodes come to FX on May 2.

The first two seasons of Welcome to Wrexham are available to stream now on Hulu. Until the new season arrives, the VistaPrint shop is open for business with McElhenney Titanic-themed birthday merch available for purchase.

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