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  • Rebecca Ferguson hints at ambitious plans, potentially filming Seasons 3 and 4 of
    together for a dramatic finale.
  • Ferguson says her hope is fans won’t have to wait too long between seasons.
  • Ferguson opens up about the challenges of block-shooting
    , detailing her color-coordinated script technique.

Rebecca Ferguson, the star of Apple TV+’s critically acclaimed series Silo, has revealed ambitious plans for the show’s future, hinting that the final two seasons might film at the same time, potentially wrapping up the series in a dramatic finale, as she exclusively revealed during a chat with Collider’s Steve Weintraub to talk about the hit series. The dystopian series, based on the bestselling Wool trilogy by Hugh Howey, has been a critical hit and one of Apple TV+’s best-received shows.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity survives in a giant underground silo, the story grapples with the mysteries and political intrigue threatening their existence, while Ferguson stars as Juliette, an engineer who ends up being put in charge of the sheriff’s department. The lush, big-budget adaptation has expanded the scope of Howey’s universe, planning to stretch the three-book series across four televised seasons. Discussing the intended lifespan of the series, Ferguson noted that they’ve already got an ending in sight, and that there were plans in motion to film the final two seasons concurrently to get the work done as efficiently as possible.

“I believe that the show has an ending, and I know when that is. So that’s the answer. You will find out when the show is done. To be honest, I don’t think it’s a secret. The books are the books. It’s three books, and the three books are divided into four seasons. So I believe, unless any Apple person is gonna jump on, I think we’re absolutely fine with saying Season 1, we’ve done. Season 2 is shot and coming out, and we’re now looking at green-lighting Seasons 3 and 4. And I think we would film them maybe together, and that would be the end.”

Rebecca Ferguson Doesn’t Want ‘Silo’ Fans to Have to Wait Too Long

Ferguson shared that the decision to potentially film seasons three and four together was influenced by practical and fan-centric considerations. She explained the logistical advantages of such an approach, saying: “I think that is the plan, and I believe that because the request of it is so demanding, which is amazing, the point would be to give the people what they want to get so we don’t have too much of a gap. But everything changes. It’s about timing. It’s about what works. What else is coming out. It’s a mathematical equation of how things are being dropped, and when it’s being dropped.”

Rebecca Ferguson Says She Would Film Three Different Episodes of ‘Silo’ in One Day

The strategy of block shooting, where multiple episodes are filmed simultaneously, has been pivotal in managing the series’ intense production demands. Ferguson described the complex logistics of this method, highlighting the challenges and her personal techniques of staying on top of the difficulties of tracking which episode she is shooting that day.

“But what you also have to understand is you then have 20 episodes, you might have five different directors, and as actors, we’re jumping. Nothing is consecutive. So it’s very strenuous for us, it’s very strenuous for the directors. But that’s how we did Season 2 as well. You would have one day, I would film with three different directors, three different episodes.

So I have color-coordinated, directorially coordinated my scripts. I only have my stuff, no one else’s, and I have it in sequence, in order, so I know when I look at the day, color-wise, who I’m working with, when I’m working with them, where I am. So it’s very unsexy. I find it very sexy. I love everything that has to do with highlighters. I’m a bit OCD.”

Silo‘s second season hasn’t yet been given a release date. You can see the first season on Apple TV+ now. Stay tuned for our full interview with Rebecca Ferguson.

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