• LEGO’s New UCS TIE Interceptor celebrates the LEGO Group’s 25th Star Wars anniversary.
  • This new set is an updated version of the original 2000 model, featuring over 1900 pieces.
  • Priced at $229.99, the UCS TIE Interceptor is set to release on May 1st, with bonus gifts available for Star Wars Day (May the Fourth).



Star Wars has revealed an exciting new LEGO set, remaking a classic model from 24 years ago. In celebration of 25 years with the Star Wars franchise, the LEGO Group has been releasing some very exciting models from across the Skywalker saga and beyond. As a result, they’ve also decided to update one of their very first sets ever released over two decades ago.

Recently revealed ahead of its Star Wars Day release date (May the Fourth), LEGO has revealed a first look at their new TIE Interceptor (75282), a new Ultimate Collectors Series model geared toward adult collectors. Featuring over 1900 pieces with some impressive details, the new UCS TIE Interceptor is an updated version of LEGO’s original model from back in 2000. You can view the exciting new images and set details below:


Piece Count




TIE Interceptor (75382)





TIE Interceptor (75382) is available on May 1st


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The New UCS TIE Interceptor Is A Perfect Set For LEGO’s 25th Anniversary

The First Model Released Back In 2000

LEGO UCS TIE Interceptor 2000

The LEGO Group’s very first Star Wars sets were made and released in 1999, 25 years ago. As such, it’s very exciting to see one of their very first and most popular sets getting an updated model in celebration of that 25th anniversary. While there have been TIE Interceptor sets released in the past, this new model is the very first large-scale UCS version since the 2000 set.

In addition to this new UCS TIE Interceptor, the LEGO Group has also been releasing more celebration sets in 2024. This includes sets like Boarding The Tantive IV Review (75387) which feature special bonus minifigures that have never received brick-built treatment before. Likewise, LEGO is also celebrating the 25th-anniversary of The Phantom Menace will all new sets such as Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator (78353), set to release on May 1st as well.

Thanks to its $230 price tag, the UCS TIE Interceptor will also get collectors over all four price thresholds for LEGO’s upcoming May the Fourth sale, allowing them to receive four bonus gifts with their orders. Likewise, it should also look very nice next to LEGO’s previously released UCS X-Wing which was released in 2023. As such, the UCS TIE Interceptor (78352) will undoubtedly be one of the most popular Star Wars LEGO sets in 2024.

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