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  • Ryan Gosling’s return to
    was iconic, with a hilarious monologue and cold open setting the tone for a fantastic episode.
  • A classic UFO sketch with Gosling and Kate McKinnon returned, bringing laughs and charm to the show once again.
  • Gosling said farewell to his role as Ken in Barbie in a musical monologue, featuring Emily Blunt and Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well.”

This week’s Saturday Night Live brought us Ryan Gosling back as host with musical guest Chris Stapleton, and it was wonderful to have him return to the show. Gosling’s opening monologue and cold open really set the tone in the best way, promising a fantastic episode as he continues to ride the Barbenheimer high right into his new movie The Fall Guy. The episode kicked off with a returning sketch that we know and love!

The series used Gosling’s iconic role as Ken to its advantage and the way that he can charm an audience to start the episode with a bang. Gosling consistently proves that he is one of the best hosts the show has had — it’s always hilarious when even the cast members can’t keep a straight face. This episode was instantly one of the funniest of the year so far, and his monologue will go down as one of the show’s best!

Your Favorite Alien Abductees Return for an Out-of-This-World Cold Open

Gosling has some iconic sketches on Saturday Night Live already built into his repertoire. One of them is a UFO sketch that he did years ago with Kate McKinnon. Just when you think that it might not happen, the show itself kicked off with a brand-new edition of the sketch with McKinnon returning! The cold open took us back into the set-up that we know and love.

Gosling was part of a crew of people who were taken by aliens and brought to space. McKinnon, of course, had a very different experience than Gosling and Sarah Sherman with the aliens, getting a more gritty version of alien abduction. Listening to them all talk about Gosling’s genitalia and how the aliens reacted to it was genuinely hilarious. Kicking off the entire episode by bringing one of our all-time favorite sketches back was pretty incredible.

Ryan Gosling’s Epic Farewell to Ken

What is better than Gosling just delivering a funny monologue? Gosling singing, of course! In his monologue, Gosling decided that it was time to say farewell to his now Oscar-nominated role of Ken in the film Barbie. There to promote his film The Fall Guy, Gosling decided instead that it was time to say goodbye to everyone’s favorite blonde boyfriend. But when Emily Blunt appears, she’s upset that he didn’t focus on their film and doing stunts instead.

However, after Blunt attempts to pivot the conversation to The Fall Guy, Gosling asks her if she misses her time in Oppenheimer and the summer of Barbenheimer, leading to her joining in on the song, and singing farewell to Kitty. It was hilarious, perfect, and all set to Taylor Swift‘s “All Too Well” and making it a perfect monologue for Gosling.

The full episode of Saturday Night Live is available to stream on Peacock in the U.S.


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