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  • Season 4 of
    The Morning Show
    delves into DeepFakes and AI, questioning who you can trust in a world of misinformation.
  • Following the explosive Season 3 finale,
    The Morning Show
    characters face even higher stakes with technology warping reality.
  • The series continually explores the struggle to discern truth in a world where trust is scarce.

The Morning Show is about to get into the “fake news” business if comments from showrunner Charlotte Stoudt are to be believed. Speaking to Deadline at a panel for their Contenders’ Series, Stoudt spilled the beans on the plans for the fourth season of the series, following the high-stakes acquisition and subterfuge storyline the characters dealt with last year. Now, we’ll be looking over our shoulders with trust becoming a scarce commodity, and the truth will be even harder to find than good floor space in a Manhattan apartment. Stoudt said:

“We blew everything up last year with the biggest bomb we could possibly build. So, we have to ask ourselves how is the band going to get back together, and what will that look like? We get into the world of DeepFakes and AI and the misinformation in the fog of war that we’re seeing now in the Middle East and stuff. We’re looking at who can trust. And can you trust what you’re seeing? Can you trust yourself? Can you trust your news outlet?”

How Did Season 3 of ‘The Morning Show’ End?

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston as Braldey Jackson and Alex Levy on the poster for The Morning Show Season 3
Image via Apple TV+

Season 3 of Apple TV+’s hit series left nothing on the table. UBA anchors Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) and Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) teamed up to thwart a devious move by Paul Marks (Jon Hamm), a charming yet sneaky tech billionaire. While romancing Alex, Paul was busy hiding flaws in his rocket program from the public and plotting to dismantle UBA for parts. Meanwhile, Bradley was wrestling with her own demons, having illegally deleted footage of her brother clashing with a cop during the insurrection at the Capitol.

After a fierce showdown with her sometimes-girlfriend Laura (Julianna Margulies) and clearing her boss Cory (Billy Crudup) of false harassment charges, Bradley decided to come clean and submit to an investigation. In the midst of all this, Chip (Mark Duplass) broke down on air, while Stella (Greta Lee) played detective to help unearth the dirt on Paul. The crescendo of scandal culminated in a dramatic finale, with Alex publicly denouncing Paul and UBA narrowly escaping disintegration by merging with a rival network.

Now, as Season 4 looms, the stakes are even higher. Diving into the murky waters of DeepFakes and AI, the series is set to explore the terrifying potential of technology to warp reality itself. In a world where seeing is no longer believing, the characters of The Morning Show must navigate a labyrinth of lies and half-truths.

The Morning Show is streaming now on Apple TV+.

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