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  • Chucky’s
    new teaser hints at shocking moments to come, keeping fans on edge for the season finale on May 1.
  • Brad Dourif’s appearances in the teaser mark a special moment as he is actually seen in the frame for the first time.
  • Fans are eagerly anticipating more screen time for Jennifer Tilly’s character Tiffany Valentine as the season progresses.

You’ll never forget a face like this one as the titular killer doll of Syfy and USA Network’s hit series, Chucky, is continuing to age like sour milk in a new teaser. The new-look showcases some events that have already happened so far in the third season and gives glimpses of what’s to come, leaving the puzzle in the hands of the audience to piece together for the bigger picture. After watching the clip, which you can see below, sleuthy fans can try to get ahead of the spooky journey that Don Mancini and the rest of the creative team are taking audiences on during the rest of the season, which celebrates its finale on May 1.

So far this season on Chucky, viewers have watched as the slasher icon tore apart the White House one murder at a time before dropping a chandelier on a slew of guests at the Halloween party. Last week, President Collins (Devon Sawa) met his gruesome end at the hands (and teeth) of Chucky, but the teaser reveals that there are plenty more shocks where that came from. Spliced in are a few appearances from Brad Dourif, the man who’s voiced Chucky since Child’s Play kicked off the franchise in 1988. What makes these glimpses of Dourif special is that he’s actually in the frame – something that hasn’t happened since the opening moments of the first movie.

Along with Chucky’s reign of terror in the halls and corridors of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, another main plot of Season 3 has been the trio – Jake (Zackary Arthur), Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind), and Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson) – attempting to find where the little menace absconded with Lexy’s sister, Caroline (Carina London Battrick). The little girl can be seen for a brief moment in the teaser, but it looks like she’s been swayed by evil as she grips a knife that’s almost as big as she is. Finally, we’ve got to point out a fun peek at John Waters’ new-to-the-franchise character, Wendell Wilkins, aka the inventor of the Good Guy Dolls. The legendary director of camp returns to the story after being killed off in another role back in 2004’s Seed of Chucky.

Give Us More Jennifer Tilly, You Cowards!

Yes, we love any Chucky-centered content that we can get, but the teaser was seriously lacking on one character in particular – Jennifer Tilly’s Tiffany Valentine. This season, Tiff has been kept separate from the main cast as she’s locked up at the big house after Jennifer Tilly (whose body she’s inhabiting) was found guilty on multiple charges of murder. As one could expect, the plot following Tiffany’s beau, Chucky, is sitting in the driver’s seat, meaning that Tilly has a little less screen time than we’d like – including in today’s clip. As the clock ticks down to her execution, we’re hoping that she finds a way to escape death row.

Check out the latest clip for Chucky below and tune in for new episodes on Syfy and USA Network on Wednesdays with streaming to follow on Peacock.

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After a vintage Chucky doll turns up at a suburban yard sale, an idyllic American town is thrown into chaos as a series of horrifying murders begin to expose the town’s hypocrisies and secrets.

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October 12, 2021

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