The Big Picture

  • Bode’s struggle watching Gabriela marry someone else is tearing him apart emotionally in
    Fire Country.
  • Bode fights the urge to be with Gabriela, even though he knows it’s not a good idea.
  • Gabriela’s estranged mother will bring drama, interacting with Bode and teasing potential storylines for Season 3.

The secret baby drama is almost in the rearview mirror, but there’s some more drama coming to Fire Country, according to Max Thieriot. So far, Bode’s reaction to Gabriela’s (Stephanie Arcila) pending nuptials has been unbelievably coy, but in a new interview with TV Insider, Thieriot teases that beneath his calm composure, something is boiling. Gabriela and Diego’s (Rafael De La Fuente) wedding will bring Gabriela’s mom, Roberta (Paola Nunez), to Edgewater, and Thieriot teases that his development will affect Bode when he interacts with her. Bode is stewing in cognitive dissonance because he’s about to watch someone he loves marry another person, but he also believes that Diego is good for Gabby. When asked if Bode will sit around and watch the wedding happen, Thieriot had this to say:

“We’re going to find out, I’ll tell you that. It’s like his heart is split, right? One part of his heart really just wants the best for her. And after this experience in Episode 5, he really believes that Diego is a great person for her to be with. But then I think the other side of his heart is breaking into a million pieces because he believes that she is his person. He’s fighting with that emotion and being torn between those two things inside of himself and really sort of looking back, looking at himself, and trying to make the best decision for Gabriela, but also not completely sacrificing his own happiness. So he is really struggling because of this. I can tell you that it has him messed up.”

Whenever Bode and Gabriela are in close physical proximity, one can almost see them fighting the urge to stay away from each other. Thieriot says this is Bode’s biggest struggle this season. He knows that Bode and Gabriela being together is not a good idea, but what can he do? The heart wants what it wants. “And so, for him, it’s just trying to stay strong. It’s just resisting the urge that is always just boiling inside of him to say something or go to her. We saw a little glimpse of it in Episode 4 when he just came to in the triage tent. He’s burying that inside of himself. And so the big thing that we’re going to see a bunch in these episodes is him being around her and trying to contain that,” said Thieriot.

Gabriela’s Estranged Mother Comes To Town

In the May 3rd episode, fans will meet Roberta, Gabriela’s estranged mother. Based on their history, one can expect a lot of drama, something Thieriot confirms. She will interact with Bode, and they will talk about Gabriela. “There’s some interesting conversations to be had, for sure,” Thieriot teased. I think in Season 3, we could potentially have some really cool stuff that could include her.”

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