• Pamela Anderson’s comedic experience makes her an ideal choice for
    The Naked Gun
    reboot alongside Liam Neeson.
  • Anderson’s role in the reboot will draw on her sex appeal and charm similar to her iconic
  • Her casting signifies a significant milestone in Anderson’s diverse and unpredictable career path.



TheNaked Gun reboot casts an iconic Baywatch star as the female lead alongside Liam Neeson. The Naked Gun trilogy, which spanned from 1988 to 1994, was inspired by the Police Squad! TV series and followed the comedic adventures of Lt. Frank Drebin, an inept police detective portrayed by Leslie Nielsen. After fifteen years of development hell, it was announced in October 2022 that a reboot was moving forward with Liam Neeson starring as Frank Drebin Jr., Akiva Schaffer directing, and Seth MacFarlane producing.

Now, the reboot has finally found its female lead. According to Deadline, The Naked Gun reboot has cast Pamela Anderson to star alongside Liam Neeson. Though her character’s name is unknown, Anderson will reportedly be playing the love interest.

Why Pamela Anderson Is An Ideal Choice For The Naked Gun Reboot

Pamela Anderson smiling in Baywatch

Pamela Anderson is already a proven comedic actress, which makes her an ideal choice to star in The Naked Gun reboot alongside Liam Neeson. Though she is best known for Baywatch, Anderson has also starred in Scary Movie 3 and Superhero Movie, which share a satirical style similar to Naked Gun. David Zucker directed Scary Movie 3 and produced Superhero Movie, and he is also one of the co-creators of The Naked Gun and Airplane!, both starring Leslie Nielsen.


Liam Neeson’s New Remake Signals His Second Massive Career Change In 16 Years

Liam Neeson found huge success by shifting from mostly drama to action. Now, he could replicate that career change and dominate a new genre.

Anderson will assume the role of the love interest in The Naked Gun reboot, which should be similar to Priscilla Presley’s character, Jane Spencer, from the original Naked Gun, playing up elements of her sex appeal and playful charm. In addition to her role as C.J. Parker on Baywatch, Anderson is also known for her numerous appearances in Playboy Magazine, which helped her become an international superstar. In shows such as V.I.P., Anderson has always embraced her public persona.

Anderson reprised her role as C.J. Parker in the 2017



Anderson recently returned to public attention due to the prominent Hulu miniseries Pam & Tommy in 2022, which starred Lily James as Anderson and explored the turbulent period in her life surrounding her sex tape scandal. In response, Anderson offered her own perspective through the Netflix documentary, Pamela, A Love Story. Now, her casting in a major studio comedy opposite an Oscar-nominated star signifies another major milestone in Anderson’s diverse and unpredictable career path.

The Naked Gun

reboot is set for a theatrical release on July 18, 2025.

Source: Deadline

The Naked Gun Reboot Temp Logo Poster

The Naked Gun Reboot

The Naked Gun is set for a reboot via writer-director Akiva Schaffer, with Liam Neeson starring in the lead role. The film is rumored to have Liam Neeson playing the son of the former franchise protagonist, Detective Frank Drebin.

Akiva Schaffer

Release Date
July 18, 2025

Paramount Pictures

Akiva Schaffer , Dan Gregor

The Naked Gun

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