• Screen Rant
    reveals details about Titan Books’ new art book,
    Ultraman: Rising — The Art and Making Of.
  • Explore the emotional core and unique story of
    Ultraman: Rising
    , focusing on themes of fatherhood and raising a baby kaiju.
  • Written by Drew Taylor, this book by Titan Books delves into the rich history of the 44th film in the iconic Ultraman franchise.



Netflix’s animated Ultraman: Rising movie is getting a companion piece in Titan Books’ Ultraman: Rising – The Art and Making Of and Screen Rant has a look at the book’s cover. First announced in 2021, Ultraman: Rising is a continuation of Netflix’s work with the IP, as the movie comes after three seasons of a Netflix Ultraman animated series. The book details the making of the new movie, starting with the genesis of the idea and continuing on through character design, worldbuilding, and the crafting of the story’s emotional core.

Screen Rant is happy to not only reveal Ultraman: Rising – The Art and Making Of, but also to provide a first look at the book’s cover art. The cover touches on the idea of fatherhood, which is one of the film’s core themes. Ultraman’s kaiju fights are well-known, but Ultraman: Rising flips the script by charging the protagonist with raising a baby kaiju after defeating its parent. See that reflected in the cover art, below, and read on to learn more about what’s inside Ultraman: Rising – The Art and Making Of:

Ultraman Rising The Art and Making Of cover

More About Ultraman: Rising – The Art And Making Of

Ultraman: Rising – The Art and Making Of features commentary from people like director and writer Shannon Tindle, who made one of Rotten Tomatoes’ best fantasy movies of the last decade in Kubo and the Two Strings. Tindle’s co-director John Aoshima is also featured in the book, as are more of the people behind the film. Their commentary will touch on the whole moviemaking process, making the book sure to be a fascinating read by any who are interested in the process of creating an animated movie.

The book was written by Drew Taylor, a writer and reporter for TheWrap whose work has also been featured in publications like Collider and The New York Times. It isn’t Taylor’s first time highlighting the work that goes into bringing an animated film to life—the author also wrote The Art of Amphibia as well as a book on the art of Pixar’s underrated Onward. With Ultraman: Rising – The Art and Making Of, Taylor can turn his expertise to an even more beloved, and long-running, property.

Titan Books is known for highlighting long-celebrated properties like Conan: The Barbarian and Black Panther, but the world of Ultraman is almost uniquely rich and storied. Ultraman: Rising is the 44th film in the Ultraman franchise, making it a smart move that Taylor and Titan decided to focus on the movie and not the series as a whole. Thankfully for newcomers, Ultraman: Rising is designed to stand alone from previous entries, making Ultraman: Rising – The Art and Making Of a welcoming purchase for new and longtime fans alike.

Ultraman: Rising – The Art and Making Of

will be released this Fall by Titan Books.

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