• Mark Gatiss is open to bringing
    back for a movie, but it depends on the availability of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.
  • The show left room for a potential movie continuation after the open-ended finale of
    ‘s last episode.
  • Cumberbatch and Freeman remain busy, but if schedules aligned, Gatiss and co-creator Steven Moffat are on board.



Mark Gatiss addresses whether Sherlock could make a big screen return, led by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The BBC series was co-created by Gatiss and his fellow Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat, imagining Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic detective and other characters in contemporary London. Sherlock ran for four seasons and a seasonal special from 2010 to 2017, but the question remains of whether it could ever return for more.

With over seven years passing since Sherlock came to an end, Gatiss opened up to Deadline about whether the case was truly closed for good on his adaptation of the classic detective. While Gatiss did affirm that he was interested in potentially bringing Sherlock back for a feature-length movie, the chances would ultimately come down to who would be available for the production. Check out Gatiss’ full response below:

You’ll have to ask Benedict [Cumberbatch] and Martin [Freeman]. We’d like to make a film but trying to get everyone together is very difficult.

Who Could Return For A Sherlock Movie?

A Certain Sherlock Cast Member Sadly Cannot Return

In Sherlock‘s final episode, “The Final Problem,” Sherlock and John emerged from the tragic losses and heartbreaking revelations of the past season, rebuilding their bombed-out Baker Street flat and setting out to rebuild their reputations. The episode’s last moments featured a montage of the duo taking new cases and getting back to business, implying that while they may not have any more on-screen adventures, their work would continue. With the show ending on such an open-ended note, creating a movie continuation that would pick up after these events wouldn’t be too difficult.


Sherlock Season 5 Should Wait Until 2027 (For One Specific Reason)

The door has been left slightly open for Sherlock season 5, but after so many years, the BBC might as well wait a few more before wrapping things up.

Behind the scenes, Moffat has confirmed that his return alongside series producer Sue Vertue would be guaranteed should a movie or other form of revival be greenlit. However, while Gatiss’ Mycroft Holmes could be a guaranteed presence should the showrunner manage to reunite Cumberbatch and Freeman, there are certain series mainstays who would not be able to make an appearance. Una Stubbs, who portrayed Sherlock and John’s landlady with a shady past, Mrs. Hudson, passed away in 2021.

For anyone hoping for new cases or an epilogue for Sherlock‘s adventures, Gatiss’ response may not be what they’d hoped, but it is nevertheless an optimistic update. While Cumberbatch and Freeman’s roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may complicate matters, it is clear both Gatiss and Moffat are prepared to return as soon as the duo are available. With the MCU heading towards a new pivotal climax with what is currently Avengers: Secret Wars, both actors may find the time to open up 221B Baker Street’s doors to potential clients once more.

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In this incarnation of Sherlock from creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman assume the roles of Sherlock and Watson as they establish their partnership and begin solving strange mysteries throughout the U.K. and beyond. Set in a more 2010’s modern setting, Sherlock’s eccentric and complex nature is accentuated as he solves seemingly supernatural crimes with unparalleled intellect while struggling to connect with others on a human level. Meanwhile, Watson blogs the stories summarizing their cases while building a strained but caring friendship with his new partner.

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