• Jenna Ortega shines as Batgirl in a new fan trailer, sparking hopes of her joining James Gunn’s DC Universe.
  • The canceled Batgirl movie with Leslie Grace was axed, but Ortega could revitalize the character.
  • Ortega’s rising star power could bring a fresh take on Batgirl, potentially expanding the DC Universe’s roster.



Jenna Ortega suits up as Batgirl for James Gunn’s upcoming DC Universe through a new fan trailer, showing what she could look like as the DC icon. While the DCEU movie timeline is over, one of the biggest controversies with the franchise was the shocking cancellation of the Batgirl movie, starring Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon, as the film was set to arrive on HBO Max. Despite having wrapped principal photography, the new regime at Warner Bros. Discovery axed Batgirl in favor of a tax write-down.

While the canceled Batgirl movie will never see the light of the day, the heroine could potentially join James Gunn’s new DC Universe. Through a new DC Universe fan video for a hypothetical Batgirl film, KH Studio pitched Ortega as the new Gotham City crime fighter.

The Batgirl fan trailer also sets up the idea of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn coming back for Gunn’s DC Universe, serving as Barbara’s psychologist in this continuity. The footage used for the Batgirl fan video includes various scenes from Batwoman, The Batman, The Suicide Squad, The Fallout, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League.


Batgirl And 9 Other Ambitious DC Movies That Got Canceled

The axed Batgirl movie joins the list of DC projects that couldn’t float, including Nic Cage’s Superman and George Miller’s Justice League.

Why Jenna Ortega Would Be A Good Batgirl In James Gunn’s DC Universe

Batgirl Isn’t Yet Confirmed But Could Appear In An Upcoming DCU Movie

While Ortega has yet to enter the comic book and superhero movie genre, the Wednesday star would be a solid choice for Batgirl in the new DC Universe. Over the last couple of years, Ortega’s career has only continued to progress, becoming one of Hollywood’s most popular young actors. While this has mainly been displayed through the popularity of her leading role in Netflix’s Wednesday show, Ortega’s talent has also been highlighted in the recent Scream movies and X, earning her a big following.

Given Ortega’s age, exploring a version of Batgirl who is still early in her career could be an interesting approach for DCU Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters”, allowing a Latina actress to still play Barbara Gordon. Even though Batgirl isn’t officially confirmed to appear in the DC Universe as of yet, Barbara could easily make her way into the franchise in numerous upcoming movies and TV shows from DC Studios.

Since the Bat-Family is said to be showing up in some capacity in The Brave and The Bold movie, there is always the chance that Batgirl may have a supporting role, and the DC Universe would add some massive star power by casting Jenna Ortega. For now though, whether or not Ortega ever gets cast as Batgirl remains to be seen, as Gunn’s DC Universe has yet to properly begin.


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