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Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon franchise is planning four more movies in a new approach to the trilogy, co-writer Kurt Johnstad reveals.



During an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Johnstad revealed there are plans for a total of six Rebel Moon movies. Read his full comments below:

So, basically, we have everything mapped out for many, many movies. Beyond Three. Beyond four. I will go on the record now. We’ve figured this out all the way to movie six. Now, if we are so lucky and fortunate enough to continue telling these stories, that is our hope. Netflix is interested, and we’re waiting to see how these first movies go. But there is certainly a treatment for three and four. We’ve laid out very detailed… All we have to do is start writing. Actually, Zack has already started writing because he’s like that. I think he’s already written the first thirty pages of movie three. So once we get the green light to start writing, if that happens, it’ll happen fairly quickly because Shay (Hatten), Zack, and I are pretty fast. And we’ve done all the work. It’s not like, “Well, what about this.” We know exactly what we need to do.

This was always going to be a trilogy, and this is well-known; we’ve talked about this in the press already. When we delivered the first movie, it was two hundred-plus pages. So we were like, “Oh my god”. Then we tried cutting it back to one thirty-five, I think, and we started cutting all of the cool character stuff, and Zack’s like, we need to go back. How do we do this? And then, again, this has been written about before, but then collectively, we said right around here in the 90th (page) if we wrote a cliffhanger, which in movie one is the Gondival scene if we wrote that then we could break this into two parts.

So when I say six movies, it’s really a trilogy with each movie being two parts. That’s how we’re thinking of it now. But, again, a lot of things have to happen. Our ambition and what we want to give the fans don’t always match up with the reality of the world’s economy. But that’s what we want to do. We want to give fans six movies or a trilogy in two parts each.

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