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  • Bambi admitted to dating Lil Scrappy while he was engaged to Erica Dixon, causing drama.
  • Scrappy introduced Bambi to show producers and invited her to hang out while with Erica.
  • Scrappy denied being with Erica, leading Bambi to have suspicions until they officially broke up.

Adizia Benson aka Bambi from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has just admitted to dating her now ex-husband, rapper Lil Scrappy, while he was still engaged to another woman, the mother of his first child, Erica Dixon! Fans of the show have been following the former couple’s relationship since season 3. But it’s only now that Bambi is opening up about how they got together in the first place.

In an interview with Carlos King on his Reality With the King podcast, the reality star talked about how she and Scrappy have been “messing around” with each other since Season 1. Scrappy and Dixon share a daughter named Emani and the initial seasons revolved around the two of them trying to co-parent her. In the middle of it all, Scrappy and Erica Dixon ended up getting engaged. Dixon has long accused Bambi of being a “side chick,” which she denied. But per her own admission, she was with Scrappy on the side as there was a relationship overlap.

Now, Bambi has revealed that during this time, the rapper would call her during or after filming, trying to develop a relationship with her. According to Bambi, Scrappy would tell her he was only with Dixon for the show to help her earn money. Bambi also claimed that Scrappy had gotten intimate with her, whilst he was still engaged.

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Bambi Revealed That Scrappy Was the One Who Introduced Her to the Producers of the Show

Scrappy proposed to Dixon at the Love & Hip Hop Reunion in 2011. However, the grand gesture was followed by some drama involving Shay “Buckee” Johnson, whom Scrappy was reportedly dating behind Erica’s back. But after Bambi’s interview, it’s evident that Johnson and Dixon weren’t the only women in his life back then.

Bambi reports being extremely confused because, after all this, Scrappy would invite her to come and hang out with him after his scenes. During that time, they started developing a mutual attraction for each other. Ultimately, he introduced her to producers Mona Scott-Young and Stefan Springman, asking them to bring her on as a cast member.


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According to Bambi, the rapper kept denying that he was with Erica, but she had her suspicions. Since the two of them weren’t exclusive until Erica and Scrappy officially broke things off, Bambi was also involved with rapper and record producer Benzino. However, after Scrappy and Erica’s highly publicized breakup in 2014, the rapper finally made it official with Bambi. After a few more ups and downs, Scrappy proposed to Bambi in the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5 finale. Sadly, though, the couple called it quits in 2023 after three children and six years together.

Bambi Believes Dating Both Benzino and Scrappy Got Her a Recurring Spot on the Show

To add another layer to this newly-revealed love triangle that seems to have grown another hydra head, Adizia Benson aka Bambi, also went on to share that around the same time Scrappy had Johnson, Dixon, and Bambi in the mix, she had also met Benzino and Kirk Frost out on the town. Remember the viral hot tub scene? Bambi actually went far enough to reveal that while they were shooting that viral scene on L&HH, she was technically dating both Lil Scrappy and Benzino at that time, simultaneously. However, her relationship with Benzino, at this point, was purely platonic. Her exact words were:

“Benzino and I, we were cool, we were what I guess people would consider dating…we were going out, we just weren’t having sex.”

Bambi also went on to share that while it’s true that Scrappy is the one who introduced her to the producers, what “intrigued” producers the most is actually that she was dating both Benzino and Scrappy at the same time — which basically got her a recurring spot on the show. However, while all this went on for a while, it’s actually Bambi and Scrappy, who ended up together. The ex-couple now shares three children but sadly divorced in June last year.

As surprising as this new revelation is, it’s also karma evening itself out with Scrappy leaving both Dixon and Bambi confused at one point. While the couple’s (now ex) separation was turbulent — with Scrappy having certain complaints about how Bambi told their kids that they’ll have a new daddy — the couple seems to have moved on now.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is available to stream on Paramount Plus. The 11th installment of the show is currently underway with Episode 31 scheduled for release on April 23, 2024.

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