• Chris Pratt shares an image of his swollen and cut ankle, revealing that he sustained an injury while filming
  • Mercy
    also stars Rebecca Ferguson and follows Pratt’s detective as he attempts to clear his name after being accused of a capital crime in the near future.
  • The film is getting a theatrical release and marks director Timur Bekmambetov’s first major Hollywood movie since his 2016



Chris Pratt takes to social media to share a behind-the-scenes image from Mercy, his new sci-fi thriller, revealing an injury to his ankle. Although once best known for comedic roles, Pratt has cemented himself as an action star by playing Star-Lord in The Guardians of the Galaxy movies, as well as appearing in Prime Video’s The Tomorrow War. The actor is set to further expand his action movie résumé with Mercy, an Amazon/ MGM sci-fi directed by Timur Bekmambetov and costarring Rebecca Ferguson in which Pratt plays a cop in the near future accused of committing a capital crime.

Pratt now shares a new behind-the-scenes picture from Mercy on Instagram, revealing that he injured his ankle during filming by hitting it on a metal post. Check out Pratt’s Instagram post below:

Mercy filming day 4,” he writes in his caption accompanying an image of his ankle being iced. “I have such a great stunt team! AND I sometimes try to get in there and do some of my own stuff. Today, daddy caught a metal post to the ankle. Should be interesting moving forward.” The second image in the carousel shows the actual injury, which includes swelling and a small gash.



Rebecca Ferguson’s New Sci-Fi Movie Can Redeem Her $16.4 Million Flop 3 Years Later

Rebecca Ferguson has a new sci-fi movie coming out in 2025, and it can help the actress redeem a $16.4 million flop in the same genre after 3 years.

What To Expect From Mercy

Will Chris Pratt & Rebecca Ferguson’s Sci-Fi Be A Hit?

Bekmambetov hasn’t made a mainstream Hollywood feature film since Ben-Hur in 2016, which was a notable critical and commercial flop. Before that, however, he directed Wanted in 2008, which did end up being a hit. Both Wanted and his 2012 disappointment Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter do provide a sense of the type of action that could be to come from the film, with the director having demonstrated an interest in more stylized action set pieces.

It’s not clear what the budget for Mercy is, but Amazon evidently sees the film as a potential big-screen hit. Avoiding the controversy of Road House‘s streaming-only release, Mercy will be getting a theatrical release in 2025. The film follows Amazon’s acquisition of MGM in 2022, and the company’s subsequent vow to continue investment in theatrically-released films, which MGM is known for.

Road House
remake director Doug Liman had planned to boycott the film’s SXSW premiere last month in protest of the film not getting a theatrical release, but he ended up attending anyway.

With the box office success of the Jurassic World movies and the Guardians of the Galaxy films, Pratt is a safe bet as a leading man. Ferguson, likewise, has enjoyed a prominent role as part of the cast of the recent Mission: Impossible movies. The rest of the Mercy cast includes Kali Reis, Annabelle Wallis, and Kylie Rogers, among others. It remains to be seen how Mercy fares with audiences, but Pratt is evidently throwing his all into the physicality of his new role.

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Mercy (2025)

Mercy is a sci-fi thriller film directed by Timur Bekmambetov. Chris Pratt stars as a detective who is accused of a crime and must clear his name in a world where crimes are more commonplace than ever.

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Release Date
August 15, 2025

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