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  • Suits: LA
    features guest stars Victoria Justice, John Amos, and Kevin Weisman as clients with unique legal needs for Black Lane Law Firm.
  • The spin-off focuses on the depth of understanding in criminal and entertainment law of Ted Black and Stuart Lane.
  • Erica Rollins and Rick Dodsen add to the firm’s dynamics, creating competition and crisis for Ted as decisions are made.

The first batch of clients for Black Lane Law Firm has arrived. Deadline reports that Victoria Justice, John Amos, and Kevin Weisman will appear in the pilot episode of the Suits spinoff, Suits: LA, as clients looking for representation by the firm. Ted Black (Stephen Amell) and Stuart Lane (Dylan McDermitt) run Black Lane and specialize in criminal and entertainment law. These new clients will test the depth of the lawyers’ understanding of these areas because they come with various asks. Amos will play himself, a client of the firm with a longstanding friendship with Ted. Justice will challenge the firm’s entertainment division when she plays Dylan Prior, a young movie star whose star is rising, and she seeks representation. She is as confident as she is ambitious. Weisman plays Lester Thompson. He is accused of murder, but being a smart and powerful man, he is used to getting his way and barely listens to anyone.

Apart from Ted and Stuart, Black Lane Law Firm has several other stars, including Erica Rollins (Lex Scott Davis). She is smart, courageous, and strong-willed. The house is rife with competition between Rollins and Rick Dodsen (Bryan Greenberg), Ted’s protégé who specializes in entertainment law. He is on track to be promoted, but he must stay ahead of Rollins. Meanwhile, the firm is in crisis, prompting Ted to make decisions he has worked hard to avoid or risk the firm’s future. The firm also employs Kevin’s (Troy Winbush) talents, a former FBI agent turned private detective.

Where Do You Know the ‘Suits: LA’ Guest Stars From?

Justice is best known for her role in the Nickelodeon series Victorious, where she played Tori Vega. She was latest seen in A Perfect Pairing, a film for Netflix. A thriller she is carrying in called Depravity is set to come out this year. Amos is best known for his leading role in the CBS series Good Times. He co-starred in Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. Weisman is best known for his role in Alias, where he played Marshall Flinkman. He has many television credits, the latest being in Marvel’s Runaways.

Suits: LA is from Aaron Korsh, the creator of the original series. It is neither a reboot nor a remake of the original series but an extension of the universe. Production is set to begin sometime this month in Vancouver, Canada. Victoria Mahoney will direct the pilot episode.

All seasons of the original Suits are available to stream on Netflix.

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