Ryan Gosling’s space movie Project Hail Mary, based on a science fiction book by The Martian author Andy Weir, gets a definitive release date.

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  • Project Hail Mary
    now has a confirmed release date of March 20, 2026.
  • Ryan Gosling will star in the sci-fi movie based on Andy Weir’s novel about an astronaut with amnesia trying to save the world from another Ice Age.



Project Hail Mary, a science fiction movie starring Ryan Gosling based on Andy Weir’s novel of the same name, now has a confirmed release date. The Martian author’s 2021 novel follows Ryland Grace, an astronaut who wakes up on a space station with no memory of who he is or why he’s in space. As the story progresses, he realizes he is on a mission to save Earth from another Ice Age, but must now do so on his own.

Now, Deadline has confirmed the release date for Project Hail Mary, the upcoming Gosling-led sci-fi movie arriving in theaters on March 20, 2026. The film will be directed by Christopher Miller, and produced by Amazon MGM Studios. Weir is also attached as a producer, with screenwriter Drew Goddard penning the script for the upcoming space adventure.

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