• Zootopia 2
    voice recording has started, with Ginnifer Goodwin confirming she has started her lines for Judy Hopps.
  • The sequel was announced in 2023 and is set for release on November 26, 2025.
  • No details about the movie have been shared yet, meaning the story could go in a variety of different directions.



Zootopia 2 voice recording has begun, with Judy Hopps voice actor Ginnifer Goodwin sharing a behind-the-scenes photo of her making preparations for the upcoming sequel. The new movie was announced in 2023, confirming that the story of the original would continue. It was later revealed the film would be coming out on November 26, 2025, making the sequel a year and a half away from its theatrical debut.

Now, Goodwin has posted an image of her preparing for voice work on the movie, confirming the upcoming Zootopia 2 is now in production.

The behind-the-scenes photo sees the Judy voice actor preparing for a day of recording alongside Zootopia memorabilia and a case full of small carrot cakes. This image teases anticipation for the movie, without giving away what the new story is going to be about.

Everything To Expect From Zootopia 2

Judy and Nick Sitting in a Single Chair and Looking Hopeful in Zootopia

Zootopia had a definitive ending, with Nick Wilde joining Judy on the police force, the pair becoming partners as cops in the city. Bellweather’s conspiracy was also halted, meaning there are no outstanding obstacles the duo are expected to face in the upcoming movie. However, since the first film involved them uncovering a criminal movement to drive predators out of society, the sequel will likely have a different kind of organization the pair will have to go up against. It could also focus on their friendship or a familiar character from the first movie.

Since there haven’t been any details about the movie yet, there are plenty of different subjects the movie could tackle. It’s possible Zootopia 2 features a Nick and Judy romance, or it could keep them as platonic friends solving crimes together. No matter their relationship by the start of the film, though, whatever adventure they embark upon will likely maintain the same type of social commentary as the original. This could range from another ploy to drive predators out of society, to something that now threatens prey.


Zootopia 2 Will Remind You It’s Disney’s Forgotten Cash Cow

Zootopia 2 has officially been announced, reminding everyone just how successful the original Zootopia was – but will Zootopia 2 succeed too?

Given the diverse nature of the city itself, there are plenty of possible avenues for Zootopia 2 to explore when it comes to the obstacles Judy and Nick are going to end up facing. Their adventures could also more heavily involve familiar faces like Benjamin, Mr. Big, or Finnick, any of whom could have a major part to play in whatever comes next for the franchise. With voice acting for the movie only just beginning, though, it could be some time before more details about the film’s plot get revealed.

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