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The Big Picture

  • CBS is dropping
    So Help Me Todd
    after two seasons to make room for new shows.
  • The series starred Skylar Astin and Marcia Gay Harden.
  • The show ranked 22nd in non-sport broadcast programs with an average of 6.2 million viewers.

CBS is parting ways with Todd and his mother’s firm. Deadline reports that So Help Me Todd won’t return for a third season on the network amid a tightly packed schedule. While the show was not a bad performer, it didn’t beat the rest of the shows on the network. CBS has already renewed several of their most watched shows, and the 2024/2025 television season will see three new shows on the schedule as the Kathy Bates-led Matlock, NCIS: Origins, and Watson debut on the network.

The latest Nielsen ratings place the show 22nd among all non-sport broadcast programs. It sees an average of 6.2 million viewers during live airing, which climbs to 7.7 million when 35-day multiplatform numbers are factored in. There are currently no plans to move it to Paramount+, given that 7 million is a strong fanbase, and many shows are not guaranteed. The cancellation was handed out together with that of CSI: Vegas, which came one spot ahead of So Help Me Todd.

In So Help Me Todd, Skylar Astin and Marcia Gay Hadden star as Todd and Margaret. Todd is deemed a stain on the family name, and despite his constant missteps, his mother gives him another chance by offering him a job at her law firm as a private investigator. Todd and Margaret are wildly different, presenting a funny dynamic as they work together on cases, but ironically, they seem suited to work together. The well-received second season sees the duo push to new heights as their careers shift, yet they still maintain the charm that made fans fall in love with them in the first place. Other cast members include Madeline Wise as Allison, Tristen J. Winger as Lyle, Inga Schlingmann as Susan, and Rosa EvangelinaArredondo as Francey.

CBS’ 2024/2025 Schedule Will Be Packed

Some of the earliest shows to be renewed on the network include broadcast television’s top drama for the second year, Fire Country, for a third season. CBS’ latest hit, Tracker, will return for a second season. All three FBI shows will remain on the case, with the flagship series, FBI, renewed for three more seasons. Elsbeth was also renewed for a second season, while S.W.A.T was also brought back to life after the second cancelation was reversed. The untitled Georgie and Mandy Young Sheldon spin-off and Season 4 of Ghosts will also be on CBS’ schedule. The Neighborhood is heading into its seventh season, and Poppa’s House from Damon Wayans is also expected to debut on the network. NCIS offshoot NCIS: Sydney was renewed for a second season.S

o Help Me Todd’s final season airs on Thursdays at 9 PM ET on CBS. Season 1 is streaming on Paramount+.

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