• Zack Snyder has previously teased that his
    Rebel Moon
    Army of the Dead
    franchises are connected.
  • Snyder clarifies that a Xanadite girl seen in
    Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire
    provides this connection.
  • The character, who originated in the scrapped
    animated show, comes from the planet that is the source of the zombie plague.

Zack Snyder has revealed which character connects Rebel Moon to Army of the Dead. The former title is Zack Snyder’s space opera movie series, which began with Part One: A Child of Fire on Netflix in 2023 and is intended to launch a wide-ranging multimedia franchise that includes prequels, comic books, a narrative podcast, multiple sequels, and more. The latter title is Snyder’s previous Netflix franchise, a post-apocalyptic zombie universe that already includes a movie, a prequel, a scrapped animated spinoff, and a possible sequel. The filmmaker has previously hinted that both franchises could exist in the same universe.

Snyder spoke with while promoting the recent Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver release. During their conversation, he revealed that there is a minor character in A Child of Fire who provides the bridge between the franchises. The character is a Xanadite girl who appears briefly at a bar that several of the main characters visit, as Snyder explains that her home planet of Xanadu – which is named after the Olivia Newton-John movie – is “where the zombie plague comes from.” He reveals that the character comes “directly from the Army animated series.” Read his full explanation below:

Rebel Moon and Army of the Dead definitely can exist in the same universe. I think I’ve said that, but there’s a character in movie one, when they go into — I don’t know if I’ve talked about this — when they go into the bar and there’s a Xanadite, the Xanadite is that blue girl with glowing markings on her — she is directly from the Army animated series that we never finished. Where they go, where the zombie plague comes from, is a planet they call Xanadu — well, the scientists call it Xanadu because they’re big fans of Olivia Newton-John — so they go to Xanadu and the Xanadites, basically where the zombie plague comes from, she’s one of them. So there’s an interdimensional thing they go through so there is a chance of some weird mashup.

Could A Rebel Moon And Army Of The Dead Crossover Actually Happen?

There Are Wide-Ranging Plans For The Rebel Moon Universe

Xanadite Girl at the Bar in Rebel Moon Part One A Child Of Fire

As this connection between the franchises doesn’t exist onscreen due to the fact that the animated show has never aired, it remains to be seen if a proper crossover ever comes to fruition. However, there could be ample opportunities for such a thing to exist in the wider universe of the Rebel Moon movies. In addition to tie-ins that have already been released including a novelization and a limited-run comic book prequel, other projects in the franchise are in development including a role-playing game and an animated series alongside the possible sequels and other related content.

Ultimately, the fate of a crossover between the franchises will likely be tied to the commercial reception of the burgeoning sci-fi universe. Critically, the project is already suffering mightily. Rebel Moon Part 2 reviews have so far tanked the movie’s Rotten Tomatoes score, sinking it to 18%, which is below the already Rotten score for the first movie. Although the first movie debuted at No. 1 on the Netflix chart, both titles are also receiving lukewarm reactions from audiences. Below, see how the critic and audience scores compare for both movies on the platform:


RT Critic Score

RT Audience Score

Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire (2023)



Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver (2024)



For an Army of the Dead crossover to take place, the sci-fi franchise would likely have to exhaust the expansion opportunities that are already in the works, none of which seem to feature further major connections to the zombie universe. However, the future of Rebel Moon is on a precipice as it stands. If these in-development projects fail to solidify because of the franchise’s current reception, it seems highly unlikely that it will continue forward at all, let alone lead to such an unusual crossover.


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