• The scrapped Batman Beyond animated movie gets a new life in a fan trailer inspired by Spider-Verse elements.
  • Terry McGinnis’ Batman Beyond has gained a cult following, yet remains underutilized in DC projects.
  • A live-action Batman Beyond film with the potential to rejuvenate the comic book movie genre awaits its perfect timing.

A DC fan trailer adapts the scrapped Batman Beyond animated movie while borrowing elements of the Spider-Verse franchise. While there have been multiple live-action Batman movies, one of the most beloved iterations of the Caped Crusader is not Bruce Wayne himself, but rather the Dark Knight of the future. Since 1999, Batman Beyond has maintained a cult following, as Terry McGinnis went from being an original character for animation to becoming a fully-fledged character in the DC Comics world.

Despite the massive popularity of the Batman Beyond series, Terry has barely been featured in other DC projects. To show what a Batman Beyond movie could look like if it ever happened, Vehgeto shared a concept trailer for a hypothetical animated film for Terry.

The animated fan trailer is based on the Batman Beyond concept art that emerged online in mid-February, sparking a lot of conversation with DC fans about why Warner Bros. Discovery would pass on the pitch. To this point, no one at Warner Bros. Discovery has yet to speak out on the Batman Beyond pitch story.


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Why A Batman Beyond Movie Should Happen In James Gunn’s DC Universe

Despite the animated Batman Beyond movie never going past its pitching stages, Terry’s story could finally be told in a different medium, as James Gunn’s DC Universe is on its way. Even though it would have to be several years into the DC Universe’s run, there is likely going to be a point where Gunn and Peter Safran explore the franchise’s future, whether that includes time jumps or proper time travel. Doing Batman Beyond as an epic futuristic superhero film could also be a breath of fresh air in the comic book movie genre, as the multiverse concept has started to fade.

It’s worth taking into account that Warner Bros., at least prior to the Discovery merger, was exploring a potential live-action Batman Beyond movie with Michael Keaton. The studio is clearly aware of Terry’s potential, but have simply not found the right time and place to give Batman Beyond its due. Once the new DC Universe is several years into its existence, it would be intriguing to see a Batman Beyond film not only give Terry his live-action debut but also explore what Gunn’s franchise looks like further down the timeline.

Batman Beyond can also be DC’s response to the Spider-Verse movies, which focus on Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man, exploring the legacy living on through a new hero. The world of live-action has never seen a Batman who isn’t Bruce Wayne, which may be a direction worth exploring at some point. But for now, the world can relive Batman Beyond on Blu-Ray/DVD and through streaming.

Batman Beyond TV Poster

Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond is an animated action-adventure television series set twenty years after the events of Batman: The Animated series. Bruce Wayne, now in his twilight years, continues to fight crime with new gadgets, suits, and tech – but his old age has revealed that even the Caped Crusader has limits. Enter Terry McGinnis, a teenager with athletic prowess and a strong sense of justice. When pursued by a gang one night, Terry is helped by the elderly Bruce Wayne – an event that leads to Terry’s training as the new generation Batman.

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