The article contains major spoilers for Netflix’s Rebel Moon – Part Two.


  • Zack Snyder reveals that the plot for
    Rebel Moon Part 3
    will likely be to search for Princess Issa after initially being believed to be dead.
  • The victory in Veldt could also inspire more revolutionaries against the Imperium.
  • Rebel Moon Part 3
    has not been confirmed yet by Netflix, although Snyder is planning to continue the franchise’s worldbuilding.

Following the streaming release of Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver on Netflix, director Zack Snyder teases the plot for a potential Rebel Moon 3. The two-part film takes place in a galaxy where inhabitants are oppressed by the Imperialistic Motherworld and its brutal military, the Imperium. When the Imperium sets its sights on the small farming planet of Veldt, former Imperium soldier Kora (Sofia Boutella) rallies a rebellion to save the planet. Meanwhile, Snyder already has plans for a potential third movie.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, when questioned about Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver‘s cliffhanger ending, Snyder teased the story of Rebel Moon 3. While the movie hasn’t been greenlit, the director explained it would see Kora and her fellow warriors searching for Princess Issa (Stella Grace Fitzgerald), who was previously believed to be deceased. Additionally, the warriors will try to use their victory on Veldt to inspire a coalition of planets to rebel against the Imperium. Check out Snyder’s statement below:

The story of movie three would be tracking [Princess Issa] down and finding out how [the rebels] can use the victory at Veldt to create a coalition of planets that were on the edge of rebellion, but have now seen the example of downing a dreadnought. Maybe now there’s an opportunity. It’s a chink in the armor. That’s really what it is.

Will Rebel Moon 3 Really Happen?

There Are Plans For At Least Six Rebel Moon Movies.

Ultimately, since


is already struggling critically, its viewership will be the ultimate factor in determining

Rebel Moon 3

‘s future.

The cliffhanger ending of Rebel Moon – Part Two: The Scargiver paves the way for a third movie after dropping its biggest bombshell that Princess Issa was still alive. Kora thought she killed her after the tyrant Balisarius (Fra Free) orchestrated the murder of the royal family to get his hands on the Motherworld. Her death was arguably more significant than the King’s or Queen’s because she was prophesied to end the Motherworld’s long history of conquest. However, the idea that she may still be alive restores hope that she will still fulfill that prophecy.


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Although The Scargiver ends in victory, it’s one victory in a whole galaxy that needs freedom. Both movies are building toward something bigger, so it’s not surprising Snyder has plot ideas for Rebel Moon 3, and co-writer Kurt Johnstad revealed the overall plan is for there to be six movies in the series. However, like the first two, the following four movies will technically be two movies with two parts each. While Snyder and Johnstad are interested in more to expand the universe’s lore, the main question is whether Netflix will greenlight the sequels.

Every Rebel Moon Movie

RT Critical Score

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Rebel Moon Part 1 – A Child of Fire (2023)



Rebel Moon Part 2 – The Scargiver (2024)



Both Rebel Moon movies received poor reviews, leaving some questions about more movies. The sequel even marked Snyder’s lowest-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes so far. Despite being criticized, the first film received stellar viewership, enjoying the ninth-best debut of any Netflix original. If the sequel can also obtain these numbers, further sequels are a possibility. Ultimately, since The Scargiver is already struggling critically, its viewership will ultimately determine Rebel Moon 3‘s future.

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