• Zack Snyder is very excited about the development of a fresh DC Universe.
  • In response to Snyder’s public approval, James Gunn explained that Zack Snyder has been supportive throughout the process of redeveloping the universe.
  • Gunn says that he and Snyder have been in communication, and Snyder has been very positive.

James Gunn is speaking out about Zack Snyder’s response to the new DC Universe. After Warner Bros. elected to move on from the DC Extended Universe, James Gunn and Peter Safran were tapped to serve as the co-heads of the universe. Since then, they have been working to develop a franchise that will begin with the 2025 Superman movie. DCEU director Zack Snyder recently spoke about the new DCU and his excitement for the franchise.

After Snyder’s public comments, Gunn took to Threads to explain Snyder’s private reaction to the DCU. Gunn was prompted by a fellow Threads user to answer, and he gave a succinct and positive reply. Check out his answer below:

James Gunn responds to a viewer on Threads

Gunn emphasized that Snyder has been texting him about the DCU and that Snyder has “been incredibly supportive” as Gunn and Safran work to develop their new universe.

Zack Snyder’s Strong Support For The DC Universe

Despite Not Being Involved, Zack Snyder Is Excited For The DCU

Snyder contributed to many of the DCEU movies, having directed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Man of Steel, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Snyder had planned to direct the original theatrical cut of Justice League, but he chose to step away from the movie due to the tragic death of his daughter, Autumn Snyder. Joss Whedon finished and released Justice League, yet widespread outcry prompted Warner Bros. to release Snyder’s director’s cut, which added footage and extended many scenes.


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Gunn and Safran have a massive task ahead of them, as they work to adapt an entire universe in the coming years. The new DCU will begin with Superman, which will launch the first phase of movies and shows. The phase has been titled Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters and is expected to introduce Superman, The Authority, Swamp Thing, Booster Gold, Supergirl, the Amazons, and countless other heroes and villains. As he directed Man of Steel, the first DCEU movie, Snyder understands the pressures of developing the basis for an entire universe and offered his support.

Snyder’s excitement about the universe is good news for the DCU. Snyder has become a central figure in the DCEU, with Zack Snyder’s Justice League having only been greenlit after a massive fan campaign. Having been an integral part of the DCEU, it is only natural that Snyder would comment on the DCU. Yet, with so much widespread support for Snyder, having his approval for the DC Universe could help Gunn and Safran earn even more legitimacy as they continue to develop the universe. It also presents a chance that Snyder may eventually return to DC.

Zack Snyder’s latest movie,
Rebel Moon — Part Two:The Scargiver
, is available for streaming on Netflix.

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