• Hot Toys has announced two stunning new 1/6th scale action figures inspired by Star Wars Legends.
  • A new Darth Revan figure brings KOTOR’s champion to life.
  • Meanwhile, another figure celebrates Darth Vader’s Legends apprentice, Starkiller.

Hot Toys has officially announced two stunning new Star Wars 1/6th scale action figures, featuring Darth Revan from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Darth Vader’s apprentice, Starkiller, from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Disney officially relaunched the Star Wars canon on April 25, 2014, almost ten years ago to the day. Incredibly, though, characters from the old Expanded Universe – now rechristened “Legends” – remain massively popular. Some, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn, have even made their way back into canon.

It is fitting, then, that Hasbro has officially announced two new stunning 1/6th scale action figures: Darth Revan from KOTOR and Starkiller from The Force Unleashed. These special editions are available in selected markets, with bonus commemorative coins available to those who pre-order at the Star Wars: The Power of the Dark Side exhibition in Hong Kong. These figures will be absolutely unmissable, and this post will be updated with sales information once it is available.

Darth Revan Is A Fallen Jedi Turned Sith Lord

KOTOR‘s Darth Revan was a Legends Jedi who believed the order needed to take action against the Mandalorians, and he led an army against the warlike race. His investigations into the Mandalorian Wars led him to encounter the Sith Empire in the Unknown Regions, and Revan fell under the influence of the Sith Emperor. Although he broke free from the Emperor’s control, Darth Revan decided to launch his own rival Sith faction.

Hot Toys’ 1/6th scale figure features skillfully developed helmet and armor, specially tailored hooded costume, two LED light-up Lightsabers powered by USB, and a display base. It also comes with a unique Darth Revan commemorative coin. Given KOTOR‘s enduring influence – Darth Revan has even been mentioned in canon – this will be a very desirable figure indeed.

Starkiller Is Darth Vader’s Apprentice From The Force Unleashed Games

Galen Marek Starkiller Wielding Two Blue Lightsabers from Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2

Starkiller/Galen Marek

Created By
Haden Blackman

Sam Witwer

Darth Vader’s secret apprentice in Legends, Starkiller’s legacy has endured into canon; the Sith assassin armor he wore in Legends has been seen in Andor, as a highly sought-after antique. As with the Darth Revan figure, the highly-accurate collectible features meticulously crafted helmet and armor, specially tailored body suit, LED light-up Lightsaber powered by USB, and a display base. It’s another epic piece of Star Wars merchandise, and underscores the delightful truth that Legends continues to have an enduring legacy.

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