• Isabela Merced teases that
    Alien: Romulus
    uses animatronics and a real person in a costume to bring its Xenomorph action to life.
  • These techniques are similar to what was used in Ridley Scott’s 1979 movie, before the films started using more CGI.
  • Alien: Romulus
    is returning to the franchise’s roots after the divisive
    Alien: Covenant.

Alien: Romulus star Isabela Merced teases that the upcoming film uses some impressive practical effects for its Xenomorphs. Directed by Fede Álvarez, Alien: Romulus is the latest film in the sci-fi horror franchise that began with Ridley Scott’s seminal 1979 film. The new movie takes place between the first two installments in the franchise, following a young crew as they encounter an alien Xenomorph in deep space.

In a recent interview with Collider as the Alien: Romulus release date inches closer, Merced teases the film’s practical Xenomorph effects. According to the star, the production not only used animatronics, but also a real person inside a costume, similar to how Scott brought the creature to life in his 1979 movie. Check out Merced’s comment below when asked about her favorite moment on set:

“Definitely seeing the Xeno for the first time. They used a robot for that. And also, they used a human being, like a really tall person, in the costume and special effects. We had two Xenos on set, at all times, and they were just terrifying.

“The detail is incredible. I like the Xeno nails. That’s my favorite part, the chrome nails. I’m gonna get chrome nails for the premiere. You’ll see me with them all around. They were incredible.”


Alien: Romulus Is Confirmed To Fix A Major Ridley Scott Mistake From His $241 Million Prequel

Alien: Romulus is shaping up to be a return to form for the iconic sci-fi franchise, and its approach fixes a Ridley Scott mistake from Covenant.

Alien: Romulus Has All The Right Ingredients For Success

Why Fede Álvarez’s Movie Could Redeem The Franchise After Alien: Covenant

While Scott’s Prometheus was a success, 2017’s Alien: Covenant drew mixed reviews and underwhelmed at the box office. There were a number of elements of the prequel that didn’t strike a chord with audiences, and Scott’s deep dive into the history of the Engineers and the birth of the Xenomorph saw the franchise, for some, stray too far from what made the original installments in the franchise so beloved. From what’s been revealed so far, Alien: Romulus is very much going back to the franchise’s roots.

The Alien: Romulus trailer affirms that Álvarez’s upcoming movie is returning to a similar setting as the original with a similar premise, with much of the action confined to a claustrophobic spaceship. After the divisive lore expansion of the previous Alien movies, this back-to-basics approach could be just what the franchise needs. What’s more, the trailer also teases that the movie is introducing a new Ripley-like figure with Cailee Spaeny’s lead character, Rain.

Other actors set to appear in
Alien: Romulus
include: Archie Renaux, David Jonsson, Aileen Wu, and Spike Fearn.

There aren’t any big names in the Alien: Romulus cast, but Spaeny has announced herself as a talent to watch with movies like Priscilla and Civil War, while Merced has starred in the likes of Sicario: Day of the Soldado and Dora and the Lost City of Gold. Álvarez, too, has proven himself a unique new voice in horror with movies like Evil Dead (2013) and Don’t Breathe. It remains to be seen how Alien: Romulus will be received, but the movie certainly has the potential to be a breath of fresh air for the franchise.

Source: Collider

Alien Romulus Poster

Alien: Romulus

Alien: Romulus is the seventh film in the Alien franchise. The movie is directed by Fede Álvarez and will focus on a new young group of characters who come face to face with the terrifying Xenomorphs. Alien: Romulus is a stand-alone film and takes place in a time not yet explored in the Alien franchise.

Fede Alvarez

Release Date
August 16, 2024

Scott Free Productions , 20th Century

20th Century

Fede Alvarez , Rodo Sayagues

Cailee Spaeny , David Jonsson , Archie Renaux , Isabela Merced , Aileen Wu , Spike Fearn

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