Director Brian Helgeland details plans for a sequel to 2001’s A Knight’s Tale, and explains why Netflix ultimately passed on the project.

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  • Brian Helgeland reveals that a sequel to
    A Knight’s Tale
    almost moved forward with a story involving Jocelyn being captured by pirates.
  • A separate idea involved a story more similar to the first film about William’s daughter training to be a knight, but Netflix passed on the idea due to algorithmic data.
  • A Knight
    ‘s Tale
    stars Heath Ledger and has since developed a passionate fan following.

A Knight’s Tale director Brian Helgeland explains why a planned sequel to the Heath Ledger movie didn’t move forward at Netflix. Released in 2001, A Knight’s Tale tells the story of Ledger’s William Thatcher, a peasant squire who poses as a knight and strives to achieve glory in jousting competitions. The film was a modest success at the box office, but it has since developed a passionate following due in part to Ledger’s charismatic performance. Ledger tragically passed away in 2008.

In a recent interview for Inverse, Helgeland reveals that several ideas existed for A Knight’s Tale 2. The writer and director explains that one idea even went so far as to generate interest from Sony, but a planned collaboration with Netflix on the project fell apart due to the latter company’s algorithmic data. Check out Helgeland’s comments on the scrapped sequel below:

When we finished
A Knight’s Tale
, we were already thinking about making the sequel as a pirate film. The plot revolved around Count Adhemar kidnapping Jocelyn and taking her to Constantinople. They end up as galley slaves after their boat is captured by pirates. There’s a prisoner on the boat who has a treasure map tattooed on his back, but he keeps getting flogged for indiscipline. The guys volunteer to take turns getting flogged in this prisoner’s place, so the map isn’t erased. Sony didn’t want to do it.

There was another idea pitched to me that was all about William’s daughter. Paul Bettany called me after he had dinner with Alan Tudyk, and the guys had an idea that William had passed away during a war. However, William has a teenage daughter who wants to joust, but she’s not allowed to because she’s a woman. She tracks down the gang and they agree to teach her how to joust, but she has to hide who she is. They cut her hair short and she speaks with a deep voice, et cetera.

I pitched it to Sony because they own the rights, and it seemed like they were interested in making it with Netflix, releasing it as a Netflix movie. My understanding is that Netflix tested this sequel idea through their algorithms, which indicated that it would not be successful.
A Knight’s Tale
seems to get more popular with every passing year; it’s the strangest thing.

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Source: Inverse

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A Knight’s Tale

A Knight’s Tale is an action-comedy film written and directed by Brian Helgeland. Heath Ledger stars as William Thatcher, a young apprentice of a knight who dies during a jousting tournament. To prove himself, he masquerades as the fallen knight and strives to win the tournament with the help of his friends.

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