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  • Melissa Barrera reveals that earlier
    scripts hinted at a potential follow-up before the ending was changed.
  • Abigail
    ‘s box office success leaves the possibility for expansion, with the potential for Joey’s lingering vampire power and revenge quest.
  • The movie ended with Joey as the sole survivor after being spared by the titular vampire ballerina.

Melissa Barrera reveals that earlier Abigail scripts featured more direct hints at a potential sequel. Starring Barrera, Alisha Weir, Angus Cloud, Kathryn Newton, Dan Stevens, Will Catlett, Kevin Durand, and Giancarlo Esposito, the movie follows a group of criminals who unwittingly abduct a wealthy man’s daughter, only to learn she is a terrifying vampire. Despite receiving positive reviews for its twists on well-worn vampire tropes, the horror movie has earned a worldwide total of $15.3 million of its $28 million budget.

While Abigail‘s theatrical ending seemingly tied up most arcs, Barrera revealed to IndieWire that an earlier script would have leaned more heavily into potential teases for a sequel. According to the star, the original ending would have led to a follow-up compared to the final script, which to her felt more ambiguous. Check out her full explanation below:

“There was a version of the script that pointed even more towards a sequel, and then the ending changed, and it became what it is. To me, it felt, because I had read the other ending that was so much like, ‘This story will be continued,’ and this one is just kind of open-ended, I didn’t know that people were going to pick up on the possibility that it could continue.”

What Could An Abigail Sequel Explore?

Abigail Ended With Joey Spared While The Titular Vampire Is Reunited With Her Father.

‘s current box office takings leave any hopes for a sequel hard to determine at best, it is clear that a potential expansion was on the minds of Radio Silence.

There are questions as to how the movie could be followed given the fates of the majority of its Abigail cast. Barrera’s Joey is left the sole survivor of the assembled team, having struck up a quick alliance with Abigail (Weir) to take down Frank (Stevens) after he attempts to claim the vampiric power for himself. Furthermore, Abigail prevents her father, Kristof Lazar (Matthew Goode) from killing Joey, leaving her to reunite with her son, closing the book on their stories, and resolving most conflicts.


Abigail’s “Rat Pack” Explained: Every Character’s Real Identity, Backstory & Role In The Heist

Abigail’s heist crew members are given aliases based on the real Rat Pack, but their backstories, true identities, and crimes are later disclosed.

Whether a sequel is possible, Barerra shared that she would hope to see Joey left with some lingering vampire power, leading into her own personal revenge quest and battle with the titular vampire. It is possible earlier cuts alluded to either Joey’s permanent transformation, or potentially Frank, Lambert (Esposito), or Sammy (Newton) living beyond their fates, with either one having a score to settle with the Lazars.

While Abigail‘s current box office takings leave any hopes for a sequel hard to determine at best, it is clear that a potential expansion was on the minds of Radio Silence. While the final cut may make the narrative feel complete, the horror comedy has already proved many traditional vampire-killing rules don’t apply to their monsters, leaving plenty of opportunity for future twists. As such, should Abigail gather enough support by the end of its theatrical run, perhaps viewers may learn just what comes next for Joey and her unlikely ally.

is currently available to watch in theaters.

Source: IndieWire

Abigail Movie Poster showing a little girl covered in blood wearing a ballerina dress

Abigail (2024)

Abigail is a 2024 horror thriller directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. The plot follows a group of people who kidnap the daughter of a dangerous crime lord only to discover that the little girl is actually a vicious vampire out for blood. Alisha Weir stars as the titular character alongside Kathryn Newton, Melissa Barrera, and Dan Stevens.

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin , Tyler Gillett

Release Date
April 19, 2024

Universal Pictures

Guy Busick , Stephen Shields

Kathryn Newton , Dan Stevens , Giancarlo Esposito , Kevin Durand , Melissa Barrera , Alisha Weir , Angus Cloud , William Catlett

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