• Despite internet rumors, Jordan Peele is not directing
    Death Stranding
  • The success of the adaptation depends on the creative team and faithfulness to the source material.
  • While Peele’s involvement remains uncertain, collaboration with Kojima hints at a promising project.

Jordan Peele’s rumored attachment as director for the Death Stranding adaptation has been given a definitive update from its producer. Released in 2019, and developed by Hideo Kojima, the game allows players to take the role of Sam Porter Bridges, portrayed by Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, as a courier tasked with delivering supplies across an apocalyptic United States, while trying to remain alive. A movie adaptation of the award-winning game has been in the works for a few years, and Peele, who directed the disturbing horror movie Get Out, has been linked to the project.

Producer Alex Lebovici opened up about the Death Stranding adaptation, and revealed that Peele will not be directing the movie, and that he was never in the running to helm the film. Speaking to Movie Web about the project, Lebovici revealed how Peele’s link to the movie was an internet rumor, and that this was most likely borne as a result of his working relationship with Kojima. Read Lebovici’s full comments on the matter below:

Jordan Peele was never directing. I think that’s like an internet rumor. There’s a relationship that Hideo has with Jordan. There are developments coming soon that I can’t share yet. Right now, it’s in the crafting of the story. That’s kind of where we’re at in the development process.

Will The Death Stranding Adaptation Be A Success?

Will Peele Be Involved At All?

Norman Reedus as Sam Porter Bridges with a device on his back in Death Stranding.

The time could be right for a movie adaptation of Death Stranding in the wake of recent successful video game adaptations, such as Fallout, The Last of Us, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie. If the adaptation can have the right creative team around it, it could be a success in the current market. It is unknown if the movie will use the same actors from the video game, especially considering the actors who could appear in Death Stranding 2, now that the follow-up game has been confirmed.

At this stage, it is clear a Death Stranding movie is happening, and that a close collaboration with Kojima seems likely, but whether Peele will be involved remains to be seen. It is possible the Nope director could be attached to the project in a producing role, having already produced the movies BlacKkKlansman and Monkey Man. It has already been confirmed that the company A24 will also be co-producing the movie, but Peele’s involvement has not been ruled out, particularly based on the cryptic comments from Lebovici, hinting he could have a role in the project.

Death Stranding has a story and scope that would translate well to the big screen. It’s all a matter of getting the right creative team in place, and being faithful to the source material, something Kojima’s involvement may ensure. Whether Peele winds up involved is unclear at this stage, but there is reason to be optimistic that he could be attached in the future.

Source: Movie Web

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Death Stranding

Based on the 2019 video game, Death Stranding is a film adaptation based on the story and world created by Hideo Kojima. Set against the backdrop of a world affected by the stranding, humanity lives in small bunkers to protect itself from dangerous creatures known as “beached things” (or BTs) to preserve what remains of humanity.

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