• Cal Kestis’ new action figure features him in an unexpected Imperial disguise, showcasing his bravery and unique mission.
  • The figure includes multiple accessories, making it an exciting addition for Star Wars collectors and fans alike.
  • This unique design highlights the ongoing struggle of Jedi against the Empire, adding depth to the Star Wars lore.

Hasbro has officially announced a new Star Wars Vintage Collection action figure inspired by Cal Kestis’ Imperial disguise in Jedi: Survivor. The popular Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor games star Order 66 survivor Cal Kestis, as he struggles to stay alive during the Dark Times of the Empire’s reign. Cal has become one of the most popular Star Wars characters created in the Disney era, testament to the tremendous writing, exciting gameplay, and the performance of voice actor Cameron Monaghan.

Now, Hasbro has announced a new Star Wars Vintage Collection action figure featuring Cal Kestis in his most unlikely outfit. During Jedi: Survivor, Cal actually dared to infiltrate the Empire, taking on an Imperial officer’s disguise. Hasbro’s new action figure celebrates this unusual look, with multiple accessories: BD-1, a lightsaber, unlit lightsaber hilt, and blaster accessory.




Summer 2024


BD-1, lightsaber, unlit lightsaber hilt, blaster

Pre-order from Big Bad Toy Store from 1.00pm ET on 04/23

Cal Kestis’ Imperial Design Is A Surprising Look For A Jedi

This is, of course, a particularly unusual design for any Jedi. But it serves as a reminder that Jedi didn’t simply abandon their code and beliefs during the Dark Times; they remained active, working to overthrow the Empire and stem the rising tide of evil. This often led them into conflict with the Imperial Inquisitors, and Cal confronted them many times. Here, he infiltrated an Imperial installation in pursuit of a treacherous former Jedi who’d risked destroying the Hidden Path, the secret Jedi railroad established by Cal’s friends.

The Cal Kestis action figure could be great for army builders, because it shouldn’t be too hard to simply switch the head out in favor of another one. There’s hardly a shortage of Imperial officers in Star Wars lore, after all, and Cal surely won’t be the only Jedi to have infiltrated the Empire. All in all, then, this unusual Star Wars action figure should be a hit for collectors.

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