• Invisible Man 2
    is closer than ever to happening.
  • Star Elisabeth Moss seems optimistic about the horror sequel coming together.
  • Moss says she and Leigh Whannell are committed to continuing the story begun in 2020’s
    The Invisible Man

Star Elisabeth Moss says Invisible Man 2 is closer than ever to happening. Directed by Leigh Whannell, 2020’s Invisible Man remake put a new twist on the original story’s plot, casting Moss as a woman terrorized by an ex who has invented a suit that gives him the power of invisibility. Released just before COVID shut down theaters, the film grossed $144 million at the worldwide box office, sparking talk of a sequel.

Four years on from the first film’s release, that Invisible Man sequel has yet to materialize, but things are looking up according to Moss, who just gave an optimistic update about the sequel’s chances. Check out her remarks below (around 36:00 of the clip via Happy Sad Confused):

We are I would say – and by “we” I mean Blumhouse and my production company – Leigh {Whannell] is doing I think a Wolf Man. … We are closer than we have ever been and to cracking it, and I feel very good about it, and we are very much intent on continuing that story.

What Might The Invisible Man 2 Be About?

Elisabeth Moss looking off-camera in fear in The Invisible Man.

The first Invisible Man set up a potential sequel, as Moss’ Cee Kass turned the tables on her tormentor Adrian, slitting his throat and making off with his invisibility suit. What Cee means to do with her newly-acquired power of invisibility is anyone’s guess, but the implication is that she will find some use for Adrian’s invention, for good or ill.

Invisible Man 2 could go back to its H.G. Wells source material and show how acquiring an unnatural power might corrupt its user, turning Cee into an anti-hero. This might be the most intriguing direction in which to take the story, as it would show how something that initially empowers someone could ultimately destroy them. Given the first Invisible Man’s thematic concerns, it’s certain that any sequel would tackle weighty, socially-relevant issues, in a chilling horror context.

The Invisible Man
is available to watch on Prime Video.

Though Invisible Man 2 seems closer than ever to happening, Moss can’t clarify when production might begin, as director Whannell is currently immersed in shooting his Wolf Man film. If Whannell were to tackle an Invisible Man sequel next, it’s possible the film could make it to theaters in early 2026.

Source: Happy Sad Confused

The Invisible Man

Inspired by H.G. Well’s novel of the same name, The Invisible Man is a modern retelling of the sci-fi horror classic. After narrowly escaping her abusive and powerful tech mogul boyfriend (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) is relieved to hear of his death. However, she soon becomes convinced that he’s watching her, and little by little, she comes to believe that he’s found a way to not only cheat death but the laws of reality, too.

Leigh Whannell

Release Date
February 28, 2020

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

Leigh Whannell

Zara Michaels , Storm Reid , Sam Smith , Oliver Jackson-Cohen , Anthony Brandon Wong , Aldis Hodge , Amali Golden , Harriet Dyer , Bianca Pomponio , Elisabeth Moss , Benedict Hardie

124 minutes

$7 million

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