• John Krasinski and Steve Carell reunite in a BTS video for the upcoming movie
  • Carell does voice acting for
    , which Krasinski writes and directs
  • Krasinki has had a bold career after
    The Office

John Krasinski and Steve Carell have reunited for the first time in years in a behind-the-scenes video for IF. Krasinski and Carell were once co-stars in the hit workplace comedy The Office, playing Jim Halpert and Michael Scott, respectively. The American version of The Office has gone on to become one of the most beloved modern sitcoms. Both Krasinski and Carell were lauded for their roles, with Carell being nominated for multiple Emmys for playing Michael Scott.

A behind-the-scenes video shows Krasinski and Carell reuniting.

Krasinksi referred to Carell as a “dear friend” in an interview. As Krasinski speaks, a video plays showing their reunion for the upcoming movie IF. Both are smiling in the video and look thrilled to see each other. At the start of their reunion, they realize that it has been years since the two have seen each other. They still have their comedic rapport, jokingly redoing their interaction as if it was staged for the camera. The video then cuts to a bit of Carell recording his voice-acting role for IF.

What Have Krasinski and Carell Been Up To Since The Office?

Their Careers Have Taken Very Different Paths

Cal (Ryan Reynolds), Bea (Cailey Fleming), Blue, and some other imaginary friends walk down a hallway in IF movie trailer
Image via Paramount Pictures

Standing for “Imaginary Friends,” IF is an upcoming family comedy about a young girl, Bea, who begins to see everyone else’s imaginary friends who have been left behind. Contributing his voice acting skills to the role, Carell voices Blue in the film. A cool-colored fluffy monster, Blue is the primary “IF” in the movie of the same name. In the behind-the-scenes video, Carell sounds characteristically charming in the role.

In addition to starring in the film, Krasinski wrote and directed IF. These behind-the-scenes roles are reflective of where Krasinski’s career has gone in recent years. While it was not his directorial debut, Krasinski made a name for himself in directing when he took on the 2018 horror film A Quiet Place. A Quiet Place is now becoming a franchise, with A Quiet Place: Part II being released in 2020, and A Quiet Place: Part III and prequel A Quiet Place: Day One in development.


IF Cast Guide: Every Actor & Voice In John Krasinski’s Movie

John Krasinski’s IF promises to be a star-studded affair and features a cast of notable names in its gigantic ensemble, most of which are voice roles.

Beyond just IF, Carell has also leaned into his voice acting career in the years since The Office. Carell is now synonymous with the Despicable Me series, as he voices the antihero protagonist Gru. Carell has also leaned into some more dramatic roles in his post-The Office years, playing roles in Foxcatcher, The Battle of the Sexes, and Beautiful Boy. Krasinski and Carell’s careers may have gone their separate ways, but it is good to see the pair reunite after all the time has passed.

arrives in theaters on May 17.


Source: John Krasinki/Twitter

IF 2024 Movie Poster Featuring a Purple Monster Hand Reaching Out a Window

IF (2024)

IF, originally titled Imaginary Friends, is a comedic fantasy film written and directed by John Krasinski. A young girl who experiences a tragic moment early in her life discovers she can see the imaginary friends of others who leave them behind as they grow older.

Release Date
May 17, 2024

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Paramount Pictures

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