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  • Trouble escalates at Three Rock fire camp, threatening closure in
    Fire Country
    Season 2.
  • The Division Chief faces challenges as vigilantes, protestors, and rivalries within the camp put Three Rock at risk.
  • Catch the drama unfold on
    Fire Country
    this Friday.

More trouble is coming for Three Rock. In all fairness, there’s always trouble coming for the fire camp, but the threat could see the camp shut down completely this time. The last time we spent with Fire Country and its characters, an inmate suffering from a terminal illness staged a breakout, and the hunt that ensued left one deputy dead. Even if the inmate was not responsible for the death, he set off a chain of events that had a lot of people worried to the point of vigilantes cruising the neighborhoods at night.

The ones that showed up outside the Leone house were just the tip of the iceberg because the problem devolves to epic standards in Fire Country Season 2, Episode 7, “A Hail Mary,” as several people pray that the camp survives what’s coming. Michael Trucco plays Luke Leone, Cal Fire’s Division Chief, and whenever you see Luke, something is really wrong or is about to go very wrong. Trucco talked to TV Line about the threat facing the fire camp and what Luke has to do with it all.

Vigilantes were not the only public problem arising from the breakout. After the storm calms, protestors blow up fresh hell when they gather outside the camp, wanting it closed. The protest attracts the media’s attention, and soon, reporters are crawling around the place, demanding answers. Luke, who has not been seen since the early episodes of the season, arrives to calm things down by giving the reporters a tour of the place. “There’s a bit of a backlash happening in the local community around Three Rock, so we have some damage control, a little ‘spin doctoring’ to do,” said Trucco.

Luke Tries To Save Three Rock From Itself

There is also some rivalry inside the camp as Eve fights to keep control of it, while Manny is not convinced about her ability to do it successfully. This development will also confront Luke, as he must decide who to present for the cameras. After all is said and done, some things are beyond Luke’s control as protestors crash with the camp’s supporters. “That’s the wild card. You have Luke trying to keep the story positive, and you have people outside the gate getting agitated… That’s where all hell breaks loose,” teased Trucco. He said that whatever the outcome of this episode, it will affect the rest of the season.

Bode might be the show’s star, but he couldn’t succeed without the vision of Three Rock. The whole thing is over if the camp runs into a problem that it can’t come back from. Trucco acknowledged that fact, saying, “Three Rock is the beating heart of the show, so the idea that it could close is very upsetting. If this one camp, Three Rock, proves that it doesn’t work, they might take the whole system away.”

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