• Planet of the Grapes
    crossover poster combines
    What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
    Planet of the Apes
    in a hilarious and retro-style mashup.
  • The
    Planet of the Grapes
    poster most closely resembles the 1968 version of
    Planet of the Apes
  • Modern
    Planet of the Apes
    movies utilize advanced CGI techniques for more realistic portrayals of apes, unlike earlier versions with makeup.

Planet of the Apes crosses over with What’s Eating Gilbert Grape in a funny new image. Planet of the Apes is the long-running franchise that explores a world wherein apes rise to power over humans. The series is about to get another installment in the upcoming Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, which releases in theaters on May 10. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is an award-winning ‘90s movie starring Johnny Depp and a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

Now, a new crossover poster from @photoshop_of_horrorscombines Planet of the Apes and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. The retro-style poster renames itself Planet of the Grapes, showing the three What’s Eating Gilbert Grape leads in ape-fur costumes on their faces. Depp and co-star Darlene Cates have dark brown fur on their faces, whereas DiCaprio has white fur.

The poster is accompanied by the caption “You Damn Dirty Grape!” Like the poster title, this is a witty reference back to its crossover product, Planet of the Apes, which has a famous line “You Damn Dirty Ape” in the 1968 version.

The Evolution of Planet of the Apes Style

Cornelius and Zira in Planet of the Apes.

While the crossover is gobbledygook, this nonsensical poster is a good callback to the Planet of the Apes style of yesteryear. While there have been a number of Planet of the Apes adaptations, this poster is clearly in the style of the 1968 Planet of the Apes. In this version, the ape characters’ looks were achieved through makeup and hairstyling rather than CGI. DiCaprio’s blonde ape also resembles a specific character, Dr. Zaius, who does not appear in the most recent Apes trilogy.

Since this original style, the Planet of the Apes franchise has gone through massive changes. While the 1968 version is the closest to the Planet of the Grapes appearance, the five original movies in the series — which ran from 1968 to 1973 — largely look close to this style. Tim Burton’s 2001 Planet of the Apes then mimicked this style. Even though, by then, there was some capacity for computer-generated visual effects, Burton opted for prosthetics that would update but pay homage to the style of the 1968 Planet of the Apes.

Beginning with 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the modern-day Planet of the Apes movies could not look more different. Rather than relying on practical effects, these Apes movies are masterworks in CGI. Using advanced technology, Andy Serkis and the other Planet of the Apes actors deliver performances through motion capture. While there is still merit and charm to them, the modern Planet of the Apes movies are the most immersive in their portrayal of more realistic apes through CGI.

Source: @photoshop_of_horrors / Instagram

Planet of the Apes Franchise Poster

Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes is a multimedia sci-fi franchise that began in 1963 with Pierre Boulle’s novel, which was later adapted into a film in 1968 starring Charlton Heston. The success of the movie led to four sequels, two TV shows, a remake from Tim Burton, and a reboot trilogy. The Planet of the Apes franchise has also seen success in video games and comic books.

Created by
Pierre Boulle

First TV Show
Planet of the Apes

Charlton Heston , Roddy McDowall , Kim Hunter , Maurice Evans , James Whitmore , Linda Harrison , Mark Wahlberg , Helena Bonham Carter , Tim Roth , Michael Clarke Duncan , Paul Giamatti , James Franco , Andy Serkis , John Lithgow , Freida Pinto , Gary Oldman , Keri Russell , Kodi Smit-McPhee , Jason Clarke , Toby Kebbell , Judy Greer , Woody Harrelson , Amiah Miller , Kevin Durand , Dichen Lachman , William H. Macy , Owen Teague , Freya Allan

TV Show(s)
Planet of the Apes , Return to the Planet of the Apes

Video Game(s)
Planet of the Apes , Revenge of the Apes , Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier , Crisis on the Planet of the Apes

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