• Kraven the Hunter
    ‘s release date has been delayed by Sony Pictures from August 30 to December 13.
  • The movie will now come out after
    Venom: The Last Dance
    , pushing it nearly four months later.
  • The release date delay comes amid various shuffles in Sony’s calendar, including the next
    Karate Kid

Despite initially set to lead the charge for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe in the summer, Kraven the Hunter‘s release date has been delayed. The next installment in the SSU will explore the origin story of its titular Spider-Man villain as he discovers his ability to communicate with animals and uses it to hunt down his criminal father after being left for dead during a hunt. Aaron Taylor-Johnson leads the Kraven the Hunter cast alongside Russell Crowe, Ariana Debose, Fred Hechinger, Christopher Abbott, Alessandro Nivola and Levi Miller.

Sony Pictures has announced that Kraven the Hunter‘s release date has been delayed. The latest installment in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe was originally set for an August 30 premiere and will now hit theaters on December 13, nearly a full four months after its prior date. This now puts the movie’s release after fellow SSU title Venom: The Last Dance, which is currently set for an October 25 release.

Kraven’s Release Delay Is A Smart Choice By Sony

The decision to delay Kraven the Hunter‘s release comes amid a slew of changes in Sony’s calendar, with the studio also delaying the next Karate Kid movie due to Cobra Kai season 6’s filming delay, with the SSU title taking its place. Additionally, the move comes as the studio is reassessing their ultimate plans for their live-action Marvel franchise, with prior 2024 release Madame Web proving to be a complete critical misfire and underperforming at the box office, being viewed as the worst installment for it yet. Check out how the various SSU movies’ performances compare below:


Box Office

RT Critical Score

RT Audience Score


$856 million



Venom: Let There Be Carnage

$506.8 million




$167.4 million



Madame Web

$100.3 million



But in spite of delays typically holding a negative connotation for a movie, Kraven the Hunter‘s could actually prove beneficial for both it and Sony. Given the Venom movies continue to be the standout hits of the SSU, allowing the reportedly final installment in the Tom Hardy-led trilogy to release first could ensure that the franchise gets back on track at the box office, and even with critics should the gradually rising reviews seen between the first two installments continue heading into The Last Dance.

This renewed good will for the franchise would go a long way to drawing audiences to the theater for Kraven the Hunter, while also allowing Sony to conduct more test screenings to ensure they’re putting out the best quality project they can. However, with the movie also facing off against the holdover releases of Wicked and Moana 2, going up against The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim in its opening weekend and followed by Sonic the Hedgehog 3 on December 20, even with positive buzz, the SSU movie will have some heated competition at the box office in its new date.

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Kraven the Hunter Poster

Kraven the Hunter

Kraven the Hunter is the fourth movie in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, set in the same Marvel continuity as Tom Hardy’s Venom and Jared Leto’s Morbius. Played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the titular Kraven goes on a solo adventure as an anti-hero, this time independent of his comic book counterpart’s crusade to hunt down Peter Parker.

J.C. Chandor

Release Date
August 30, 2024

Art Marcum , Richard Wenk , Matt Holloway

130 million

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