• Rumors claim Ryan Gosling has signed on for a role in the MCU.
  • Marvel’s firing of Jonathan Majors as Kang might lead to multiple actors playing Kang variants to enhance the Multiverse Saga.
  • Ryan Gosling’s acting range makes him a suitable choice to play a Kang variant.

Ryan Gosling becomes the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s new Kang the Conqueror in ominous art. Jonathan Majors debuted as Kang in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, first having played the He Who Remains variant of the character in Disney+’s Loki season 1, as well as all Kang variants in the MCU so far. However, Majors was fired as Kang by Marvel, opening the door for new actors to play Kang the Conqueror and his variants. Now, dark MCU fan art proposes a major star for Kang.

On Instagram, artist @venomhology imagined what Gosling would look like as Kang the Conqueror.

Gosling’s Kang is using his powers while standing in front of a version of Stark Tower. The fan art comes after rumors emerged about Gosling having been cast in the MCU. While there has been no official confirmation that the actor will star in upcoming Marvel movies, Gosling previously revealed that he would love to play Ghost Rider in the MCU.


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Why Ryan Gosling Could Be Good As Kang The Conqueror

Marvel Could Expand The Multiverse Saga

While it would be controversial to replace Majors with Gosling as Kang the Conqueror, with reactions to the fan art being mixed on the topic, understandably so, there are a few ways in which the move could work. The best possible scenario for Marvel to make Gosling Kang is that he is playing one of the character’s variants, not the same Kang the Conqueror Majors gave life to. This way, Marvel would be addressing a big problem of its Multiverse Saga.

Majors was superb as the many Kang variants, making each feel unique. However, by having only one actor play all the Kangs, the MCU made its multiverse seem smaller than it should be. Added to that is the fact that with Majors’ firing, the whole plan for the Multiverse Saga fell into disarray, as there was no other major villain introduced to keep the story moving. Instead of putting all the pressure of the Multiverse Saga on one actor’s shoulders again, Marvel would be better off casting multiple Hollywood stars and up-and-coming actors as Kang variants.

That is where Gosling could come in. Gosling’s body of work is diverse, showing the actor’s impressive range. He could play whatever Kang variant Marvel wants him to, with Gosling’s role as Ken in Barbie showing what a great comedic actor he is, and past roles such as in Driver and La La Land showing he can be an intense villain or an emotional heroic Kang, depending on what is needed. Marvel needs all the talent it can have to make up for Majors’ firing, and Ryan Gosling possesses that in spades.

Source: @venomhology/Instagram

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