• Venom and Peter Parker face off in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 fan trailer, with Venom completing his own trilogy in theaters this fall.
  • Fans hope to see Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man take on Tom Hardy’s Venom through multiverse travel in the fan trailer.
  • The absence of Spider-Man in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe may lead to its conclusion after Venom: The Last Dance, unless Garfield’s hero is brought back.

Tom Hardy’s Venom crosses over with Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker as the Marvel icons battle it out in a new The Amazing Spider-Man 3 fan trailer. Venom: The Last Dance is confirmed to arrive in theaters this fall, marking a big milestone for Sony’s Spider-Man Universe timeline, as Eddie Brock becomes the first character to complete his own trilogy. However, the anti-hero has yet to take on Spider-Man, as the web-crawler is still missing in action in the franchise.

While The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was canceled nearly a decade ago, some Marvel fans are still hoping to see it happen. In a new The Amazing Spider-Man 3 fan trailer by KH Studio, Garfield’s web-slinger gets his own symbiote storyline as he dons the iconic black suit while taking on Hardy’s Venom.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 fan trailer pitches the idea of Garfield’s Peter and Hardy’s Venom finally coming together, most likely through multiverse travel. KH Studio’s fan trailer consists of footage from The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man 3, along with Hardy’s Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage.


Will The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Happen? Every Update

The want for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 has only increased with the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home in 2021, so will the 3rd movie actually happen?

Could Andrew Garfield’s Marvel Hero Save Sony’s Spider-Man Universe?

While time will tell if Sony Pictures revisits the idea of making The Amazing Spider-Man 3, there is another major reason to bring Garfield’s hero back via the Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Even though Venom: The Last Dance is coming, Sony’s Spider-Man Universe took a hit this year with Madame Web, which became a critical and box office bomb for Sony Pictures. Whether or not that will affect Kraven the Hunter remains to be seen, but it’s evident that Sony’s Spider-Man Universe doesn’t have a clear direction to audiences, and the web-crawler’s absence is a major factor in this perception.

Given how there have been theories for a few years that Garfield’s version of the Marvel legend is in the same world as Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, he is perfectly placed to give foundations to the franchise. This would also justify calling the franchise the “Sony Spider-Man Universe”, as audiences have repeatedly questioned this title give the lack of any sign of the hero in its releases thusfar.

If Sony Pictures is locked into keeping Spider-Man out of the universe altogether, there is a real chance the franchise may end after Venom: The Last Dance, which would be a natural conclusion point at this time. However, adding in the universe’s titular hero would easily serve to extend its story, and ground the villains introduced in it by giving them a nemesis. Whether it is through The Amazing Spider-Man 3 or a different Marvel project, it will hopefully not be long until the world sees Garfield’s version of the Marvel hero back on the big-screen.

Amazing Spider-Man Poster

The Amazing Spider-Man 3

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is the unmade third installment in Sony’s second Spider-Man franchise. Despite the numerous set-ups established in the previous two entries, the third movie was canceled, paving the way for an MCU-set reboot starring Tom Holland as Peter Parker. However, Andrew Garfield reprised his role as the Marvel web-slinger once again in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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