• Ackles and Chalamet could be the next Batman and Robin in The Brave and The Bold, as DC Universe recasts Batman for the upcoming franchise.
  • A new fan trailer by KH Studio shows what the two actors could look like in the DC Universe roles.
  • The Brave and The Bold movie will reportedly focus on Batman’s fatherhood journey with his son, Damian Wayne, based on Grant Morrison’s Batman run.

A new The Brave and The Bold fan trailer imagines Jensen Ackles and Timothée Chalamet suiting up as the DC Universe live-action versions of Batman and Robin. As Ben Affleck is done playing the Caped Crusader, the DC Universe is recasting Batman as part of James Gunn’s upcoming superhero franchise. The Brave and The Bold movie was one of the many projects to get announced in January 2023 for Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters,” but little to no updates have emerged about the film at this point.

As such, the Batman casting process is unclear to the public at this time, with it not currently known as to whether it is fully in progress and what timeline is to be expected. While audiences wait to see when the DCU Batman will be announced – and who will play the hero – a new fan trailer by KH Studiopitches the idea of Ackles as the next Bruce Wayne, while Chalamet portrays Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Robin in The Brave and The Bold.

Ackles as Batman in the DC Universe has been a long-time popular idea, with the Supernatural star even voicing the Dark Knight in DC’s animated Tomorrowverse movies. While he may be done voicing Batman after this year, Ackles has expressed interest in wanting to tackle the DC icon in live-action for Gunn’s DC Universe.


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What We Know About The Brave & The Bold Movie So Far

Batman frowning next to his Dark Ages counterpart and his new costume
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According to Gunn and Peter Safran, during their announcement in January 2023, The Brave and The Bold movie will focus on Bruce tackling fatherhood, only this time with his biological son, Damian Wayne. When Batman learns that he has a son with Talia al Ghul, who raised him to be an assassin, it becomes the detective’s job to take Damian under his wing to become the new Robin. While a writer hasn’t been announced yet, The Brave and The Bold will be directed by The Flash director Andy Muschietti.

The Brave and The Bold will be heavily based on Grant Morrison’s Batman run, Batman and Son, although more specific plot details have yet to be revealed. While specific characters haven’t been announced, The Brave and The Bold is set to feature members of the Bat Family, establishing that this version of Batman has been active for quite some time. As of right now, DC Studios has not set an official release date for The Brave and The Bold movie.

Time will tell where The Brave and The Bold falls into the Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters” slate, as there are a lot of other movies and TV shows also being developed. It has also been made very clear that casting for Batman won’t start until they have a finished script, as Gunn has been open about this process for the upcoming release. Hopefully, Gunn will have more to reveal about The Brave and The Bold later in 2024, as the DC Universe gets ready for a new take on Batman and his mythology.

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Robin in the DC Comics written by Grant Morrison

The Brave and the Bold

The Brave and the Bold is the first Batman movie in James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Universe, which reboots the Dark Knight after Ben Affleck’s take on the character. It introduces Bruce Wayne’s son, the Robin Damian Wayne, and draws inspiration from Grant Morrison’s work on the comic book character.

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