• Set photos reveal Michael B. Jordan’s vampire movie, confirming prior hints at a historical setting for his latest collaboration with Ryan Coogler.
  • Jordan’s character is seen in a period-era suit with a shoulder holster, adding further mystery to whether his role is that of a vampire or hunter in the movie.
  • Comparisons to Marvel’s
    reboot highlight potential competition between the two vampire-themed projects.

New set photos have offered audiences their first glimpse of Michael B. Jordan’s character on the set of his as-yet-untitled vampire movie. Set to be directed by Creed and Black Panther director Ryan Coogler, little is known about the plot of the duo’s latest project, though it has been reported that it could potentially be the first in a step in a future franchise that will become Jordan’s new focus. With filming currently underway, Warner Bros. is presently eyeing a March 2025 release date for the mystery project.

Now, a new set photo posted by The Streamr provides viewers with their first look at Jordan’s character. Dressed in a 1930s-era suit without a jacket, the actor is also shown standing in front of a period-era vehicle confirming previous reports that hinted at a historical setting for Jordan’s new vampire franchise. Jordan’s character can also be seen wearing a shoulder holster, though it is unclear whether it points to him bearing a gun or some other kind of vampire-killing weapon.

Click here to see the set photos of Jordan’s mystery character.

Could Jordan’s New Vampire Movie Take A Bite Out Of Marvel’s Blade Reboot?

The MCU’s Blade Reboot Has Already Faced Numerous Setbacks.

While it is unclear whether Jordan is set to play a vampire hunter in Coogler’s new movie, the project has already attracted numerous comparisons to Marvel’s plans to reboot Blade with Mahershala Ali. Not only does the period setting of Jordan’s movie share several similarities with the reported details of early drafts for the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, but the movie is also set to star Da 5 Bloods actor Delroy Lindo, who was previously in talks to join the cast of Blade.

Since Lindo was first reported to be joining the cast of
the movie has undergone several changes, including rewrites and a new director. It is not clear whether he is still involved in the project.

Moreover, Coogler has also brought additional Marvel talent into his vampire movie, inviting even more comparisons to the MCU’s plans. Not only do both Jordan and Coogler have their own Marvel connections via the Black Panther movies, but Hawkeye star Hailee Steinfeld is also set to join the cast in yet another undisclosed role. While these connections remain somewhat superficial, at least until more is known about the plot of Jordan’s movie, it is easy to see how it could potentially pose a threat to Marvel’s plans to reintroduce their own vampire slaying Daywalker.

With the Blade reboot suffering several setbacks and delays since it was first announced in 2019, its current November 2025 release date will also mean it will need to follow on from Jordan’s and Coogler’s mystery movie. Beating them to the box office by a good eight months, it is possible that Michael B. Jordan’s vampire movie could strike another devastating blow to the MCU character before he even gets a chance to be seen by audiences.

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